Thursday 7 September 2017

7 dinners in 7 days

A post for all you foodies out there!
May make you extremely hungry

I thought I’d share some of my favourite meals that are super easy to make, super healthy and perfect for all of the family! Millie has had nearly all of these meals with us, some without the added spices and some with! You can adjust, add or remove a lot of the items to suit you too so don’t feel like you need to copy everything. I’m not going to post recipes to them all but I’ll give a quick rundown of what’s included. Some recipes have been taken from Hello Fresh and Gousto boxes, I have just altered them slightly. 

If you’re into your meal planning then here’s a weeks worth of meals and you haven’t even had to do anything... 

Pasta with Green pesto, chicken, cherry tomatoes and green beans - pretty simple, really tasty! Perfect for lunch or dinner, plus... you can batch make for meal prep! 
*Slimming world friendly - 3.5syns for 1tbsp Pesto, approx 2 syns per serving*

Satay Chicken and Rice

This is Thai style Satay Chicken with Rice with the idea coming from a recipe from Gousto. It’s my absolute favourite meal at the moment and I could eat it everyday. In simple terms, it’s chicken with thai style flavours (ginger, garlic, chilli etc) mixed with rice and then your satay sauce over the top. I added sugar snap peas and more mushrooms to ours to bulk it out and actually ate both mine and Adams portions (oops!). You can get 50% off your first 2 boxes with Gousto too, we absolutely loved the recipes in ours and have recreated most of them again! Just follow this link to get your 50% off! 
*Slimming world friendly - you can use powdered peanut butter instead and syn per tbsp used*

Butter Chicken

This was a quick day dinner which is basically a packet butter Chicken sauce, Green beans and Baby corn. Super yummy and literally ready in 10 minutes! 
*Not Slimming world friendly however, you could use a different blend of spices and same methods*

Messy Meatball Cobs

Jamie Oliver’s Quick and Easy food, Messy Meatball cobs. If you are watching his new series, you would have seen these bad boys and I just had to make them! Mince, pesto - make meatballs. Fry, add  tinned tomatoes - simmer. Open Mozerella, add whey to meatball pan - simmer. Cut mozerella into chunks and add to the meatballs and let it melt. Pesto on the cobs - meatballs + sauce on top = heaven. You can find the proper recipe here. 
*Slimming world friendly with wholemeal bun (HEX B) and Mozzarella as HEX A or syn Brioche burger bun for 8 syns*

Chilli con carne

Chilli con carne, a massive hit in our house! This is my slimming world friendly Chilli con Carne recipe and its bloody lovely! 
*Slimming world friendly*

Another really quick, easy meal. Breaded cod (frozen - perfect to have in for quick dinners like this one!), Salt and Pepper Potatoes - basically normal boiled potatoes but covered in salt and pepper! And then garlic Green beans and Tomatoes. Blanch the beans in boiling water then add to a frying pan with the tomatoes and a clove of garlic and olive oil and flash fry for 2 minutes. Done. 
*Slimming world friendly - breaded cod 4.5syns*

Spicentice Chicken Jalfrezi

This was the only meal that Millie didn’t have as it would have blown her head off. It’s a SpicenTice Chicken Jalfrezi spice mix. I did what it said to do on the packet but added mushrooms and baby corn to bulk it out a little bit. I’d eat with a glass of milk if you can’t handle spice as this was super fiery but still edible and I’m not usually a spicy curry fan! Use code TW20 to get 20% off your order on Spicentice too - they have so many kits on there that you simply add fresh ingredients to and you have a yummy meal. Plus, a lot of their kits are completely Slimming World Friendly!
*Slimming world friendly*

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