Tuesday 29 August 2017

Shampoo for Post-Pregnancy Hair-loss

Before I start, this shampoo isn’t sold as a treatment for hair loss in particular, it’s just a product I’ve found that has worked for me...

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen that I popped up a quick picture of a shampoo I use and said how much it has helped me with my post-pregnancy hair loss and I got so many people asking about it that I wanted to share it all with you! 

Since having Millie, my hair loss is terrible. I find it’s at its worst when my hair has been up and so I try to wear it down as much as I can but since having Mylo back in May, it’s hard to keep it down without him pulling it or getting sick in it so it’s quite often pulled on the top of my head in a Mum-Bun or scraped back into a ponytail - taking the bobble out always proves an absolute nightmare and I find that this is when I loose most hair! I discovered this Schwartzkopf Total Repair Shampoo after I had Millie when I impulse bought it from the poundshop in hope it could save my dry, damaged hair and I have used it ever since! 

The shampoo is formulated to help dry and damaged hair and it claims to help stop up to 90% of hair breakage, therefore contributing to less hair loss overall. The use of liquid keratin reconstructs the hair and renews its quality by repairing the damaged areas on the scalp and then inside the hair itself. I’ve definitely noticed a massive difference to my hair since using this and it continues to help and strengthen my hair too, even since re-bleaching it. The shampoo foams nicely, not too much but enough to give you that warm fuzz in your hands and on your hair and it rinses out easily too leaving no residue in your hair. You can team it with the Gliss Conditioner if you want a deep conditioning for your hair but I find that this works perfectly for me on its own. Before using this, the plug would be full of hair and I’d be pulling it out after rinsing the shampoo from my hair - it was awful (and Adam will agree!)

post-pregnancy hair loss

The Gliss range has products for all types of hair including Colour Protect, Ultimate Volume, Ultimate Repair and a Liquid silk shampoo. I’ve used 3 of the range including the Colour, Volume and Repair and I find that this one is the best for my hair type but you may want to try another to see if it works better for you. I shampoo and simply brush through towel dry hair with my Tangleteezer wet brush which also minimises hair loss as it combs easily through tangles and knots without pulling. 

My hair has really been through the wars over the last 10-15 years, I first coloured it when I was 14 and went straight for a full head of highlights and so finding the right shampoo is something that I frequently do. For all the fellow Mums out there - you have to try this as I can probably guarantee you will agree with everything I’ve said! My Mum actually used this for her psoriasis on her scalp and it worked wonders for her! If you do try it, I’d love to know how it worked for you so make sure you tweet me and let me know! 

The best places to buy this are your cheap home stores such as Poundland/shop, The Range, Homebargains and Wilkinsons. 

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