Tuesday 1 August 2017

Family Photography

Just before I was due to have Mylo, I looked into getting a family photographer to capture his first days and our first moments as a family of 4 but, in reality, it was a tough decision to make with most of the family photographers costing over £100 for a session with just one photo to take away!

 Both Me and Adam are quite savvy with our photography skills but the problem is, it’s difficult to take photos of us all together when one of us has to be the one actually taking the picture! I’m not sure if there are any other people or services out there that specialise in group portrait photography but one way to find out is to use a super quick website called Bidvine. You can search for any profession including Makeup artists, wedding photographers and even pet sitters (we’ll definitely be on the look out for one of those soon!) So I think if we ever decide to have some professional pictures done, we’ll search for the right person on there! 

For the time being though, like I said, we are both quite nifty with our cameras and like to play around with images, especially of the kids and pets, and I’m quite proud of the ones we have taken recently. It’s not only nice for us to take special photos but also share them with family as we have a lot of family split across the midlands and even down in Cornwall so uploading these to Facebook means that everyone else can see them too! 

I’d love to get some little props for picture sessions and make them a bit more exciting - most of them are taken spontaneously so a massive photo session would be amazing, however, they do say not to work with children or animals, don’t they?! 
 (In collaboration with BidVine)


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