Tuesday 15 August 2017

Bobble Art at Intu

We’ve been looking for new things to do this summer and because the weather has been pretty poor, it means we’ve spent a lot of time indoors. But rather than not doing anything or going to the same soft play, we went to Intu Derby, our local shopping centre, as they have some fab events and activities on for the kids this summer! You can have a read of some more indoor activities to do with the family here!

Along with all of the mall activities, Bobble Art had their own in-store activities which included Arts and Crafts for all ages, imaginative play and creative play too! They have a lovely, child-friendly store which encourages children to play and explore with toys for all ages, including ones of Mylo’s age, going right up to ages 14/15 years old. There are painting books, puzzle pieces, backpacks, travel accessories, stationery and lots, lots more! Millie loved playing with some wet and dry paints which is a board that when wet, looks as if it has been painted and then once it’s dry - you can do it all over again! It’s a great way to keep her entertained and I don’t have to worry about the mess either! 

We were also given two amazing goodie bags when we left - one for Millie and one for Mylo. Millie received a Ballerina bag and a Magnetic board in hers and Mylo got a little rucksack (which is going for up Christmas when he’s big enough to use it) and some little animal figures! It was so lovely of them to cater for both children and we also bought some little bits too! Millie loves tattoos at the moment so she got a set of unicorn tattoos (amazing) and a little coin purse which actually went with her bag! 

You can arrange childrens craft parties with Bobble Art which is a fab way to keep kids entertained and an alternative birthday idea too! Take a look at their Facebook page to stay updated with any events and activity days they have on in store. 

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