Thursday 20 July 2017

Contraception after having Children

Now, it may be a bit of a touchy subject to cover but, if you’re reading this then the likelyhood is that you either A), already have kids, B) are pregnant with kids and are dreading the day you have to consider contraception again or C), are just curious as to what this is all about because you saw a couple of condoms on the picture... Am I right!? 


Well, now Mylo is now 3 months old, we’re back into the swing of things (in that department) and I’ve started to consider my options when it comes to contraception. Ideally, the best and most permanent thing to do would be for Adam have the snip but, realistically, that’s not going to happen as we’re still both really young so the balls in my court unfortunately and means I’m left in control of birth control. Condoms are our best friend at the moment but they aren’t really the most ideal or the safest way to make sure we have no more babies! 

Previously, before I fell pregnant with Millie, I was on the pill (Microgynon I believe?) but I was actually taking this when I fell pregnant with Millie so when she was born, I wanted to go for a safer option and decided to have the implant. It worked great for me for just over a year with no side effects what so ever. However, fast forward 18 months and I started getting horrible mood swings, felt so depressed and actually had to start taking the pill alongside the implant to balance out my hormones which went against my reasons for having the implant in the first place. So, my implant was removed and I went cold turkey for a few months until we decided it was time to try for a baby... Fast forward a year and here we are. Back to square one, if you like. 

ONE condoms

ONE condoms

Now, with the pill, implant and ‘going cold turkey’ being ruled out this time round, I’m left with very few options, these being; the injection and the other being the coil. Neither really jump out to me, especially with the injection being similar to the implant and filling me with fake hormones, the copper coil is really the only one I’m left with an is really the only one that seems like the best fit at this moment in time. I’ve done a little research and spoken to my doctor about it too and it does seem to be the one thats ticking all the boxes but I think I’m going to give myself a few months to recover fully from my c-section, take things carefully and ensure we’re always using protection no matter what, and then see what happens. For the time being though, we’ve been using these ONE condoms which are great and there are so many types! They even have glow in the dark ones - something that made me giggle! The fact that they come in these plastic tubs is also quite appealing as they don’t actually look like condoms, quite obviously they are but they don’t have that boring packaging like all the other brands do and, they’re actually cheaper than your ‘well-known brand’. I’m past the days of going to the family planning clinic and getting free condoms unfortunately... 

So I’d love to hear about what contraception you use and whether you changed at all after you had children. Have you had any bad experiences or better still, do you have the coil? I’d love to know what you think and whether you recommend it at all?! 
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