Monday 24 July 2017

Buying second hand for Baby

Since I was around 12 weeks pregnant, I started searching on eBay and Gumtree for second hand items of the bigger items we needed and to prepare for the baby... When we had Millie, we bought everything full price and wasted a lot of money in the long run as I didn’t feel comfortable buying second hand, but with Mylo, anything I could get second hand or even slightly discounted, I did! The main things I wanted to get were the pram and car seat, Snuzpod and a Changing table... everything else I was happy to pay whatever I needed for them. 

eBay was a great way to find items that were local to me and an amazing way to save money too! I actually bought quite a lot of Mylo’s clothes from eBay as there were a few bulk buys on there for £20-£30 and the clothes had barely been worn! Some of them even had tags on still and there were items from Next, Mothercare, Joules and Gap, massive bargain as I got clothes that ranged from 3 months to 9 months to see us through! Don’t be put off buying clothes second hand - I must have only spent £50 on full priced items, the rest were from eBay or charity shops! 

I managed to get our Snuzpod from eBay too paying just £100 for it and it was practically brand new! The previous owners had used a sleepyhead on top of the mattress so it had barely been touched! It even came with a mattress protector and sheets so we saved well over £150 buying that second hand. We did need to go to Rugby for it though (around 30 miles) but the petrol used to go and get it still made it cheaper than buying it full price! Don’t worry if you don’t drive though, don’t let places like eBay put you off as there are some fab ways of getting large items delivered like this eBay courier, Shiply for a reasonable price! If you’re buying a big item and getting it for quite a discount then it’s definitely worth looking into getting it delivered. 

We also got this amazing changing table off a friend - it was originally pine but with a lick of paint we turned it into our own changing table and absolutely love it! You can find similar items on eBay and don’t be scared to paint or amend anything to how you want it to look! The tin of paint was a couple of quid and the baskets were £1.99 each from Home Bargains - a perfect place to hide away all the bits and bobs needed for baby!

Even though I bought a lot of items second hand, I still plan on selling whatever I can on to others through similar sites or even on the selling pages on Facebook. Larger items are easier to maintain and sell on as long as they’re in good condition and even if you get a fraction of the price you paid for it, when it all adds up its completely worth it! I just have to sort through Mylo’s clothes and bulk them all together and I’ll have my first lot of clothes to sell on and I’ll continue to do that over the next few months! 

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