Monday 5 June 2017


Mylo is 5 weeks old now, how time flies! But saying that, it means we’ve now had 5 weeks of that lovely broken sleep - waking every 3-4 hours and having to see the following day through whilst feeling like your eyes aren’t even open! For the first week, we slept downstairs with him so that we could nap whenever we could without disturbing each other and doing this meant we at least got a block of around 4 hours each per night. 

When it comes to having a newborn, people are quick to comment on the ‘no-sleep’ aspect of it all but the truth is, it’s such a small part of whats happening and you forget about it when you experience all of the other things... First smile, giggles, cuddles, even the first time they sleep through! I’m not saying that it’s easy because it isn’t and that’s coming from someone who loves to sleep but if I can power through then anyone can! 

We still work on a shift basis now, for example, one of us will do the 10:30pm feed whilst the other one goes to bed and then the other will wake up for the 3/4am feed allowing each other a good 4-5 hours sleep if not more. It’s all about communication and teamwork, I think, and I hold my hands up and praise those Mums who do it alone! One thing that definitely helps me to wake up feeling relatively human though, is having a good nights sleep! When I was pregnant, I was propped up with so many pillows, pillows under my side, in between my knees, everywhere! But it meant that I was supporting my body and was comfy too - even on the sofa now, I prop myself up especially when I’m feeding Mylo and it helps so much! 

Even Mylo has his own little pillow to help him sleep, especially if I’m just getting ready - I pop him on his Babymoov Cosydream and he’s supported really well. 

If you’re struggling to sleep or even get comfortable in bed, take a look at this little adjustable beds video and see if there’s something you can change to your sleeping arrangements to help you become more comfortable! Take it from the #SleepExperts and grab a good nights sleep whilst you can! 

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