Wednesday 28 June 2017

Mylo Bailey

I thought I’d do a little introductory post on Mylo and how we’re getting on as a family of 4... 

Mylo is now 8 weeks old, I’m yet to do my birth story but I don’t know if it’s worth writing as it all went so smoothly! After having an emergency section with Millie, I opted for an elective section with Mylo and was so happy with my decision! He was born on 3rd May 2017, the day our 3, became a 4 and our family was completed! 

He is such a happy, content baby - completely different to Millie however, I’m sure it seems easier as we’re a little more clued up on how to do this parenting thing, Millie was a big shock and the first year was basically us winging it! He weighs around 11lbs now (not had him weighed recently) and loves his milk - he has been having 6oz bottles for a while now. 

He loves to be sat up watching whatever is going on and loves kisses and raspberry kisses! He is definitely a Mummy’s boy too (which is what I wanted!) and knows instantly when I’m in the room. It’s so lovely having him around at the moment - I cherish the days where it’s just me and him when Millie goes to Pre-school but I also try and split my time between them both when she isn’t. It’s difficult to juggle, I must admit, and having 2 definitely tests my patience but I know that in a few months time, Millie will be able to play with him and entertain him a lot easier than now - he does know who she is though and there have been times that she’s sat and spoke to him and he’s smiled one of his gummy smiles at her! 

The only thing we’re still working on is sleep. It can vary from night to night and he seems to have meltdowns at around 8pm most evenings which can be super stressful, especially when I have Millie to get ready for bed too! I’m sure whatever it is will pass and he will settle in time because he loves his sleep but for now, we know this period is short and we’ve got much better things to come! We use Ewan the Dream sheep like we did with Mille to settle him to sleep most evenings but he is quite happy laying on his cushion and nodding off there too! 

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