Monday 1 May 2017

Hospital Bag: Elective C-Section

The time has come and I’m due to go into hospital for my elective section on Wednesday 3rd May. I’ll be 39 weeks + 5 day so very close to due date but I’m happy that baby has stayed putt as being in my tummy is the best place for him! When I had Millie, I took so much into hospital with me but didn't actually end up using most of it and also didn’t have things to hand that I wish I did so I’d like to think that second time round, I’m a lot more prepared and organised as I know what’s to come! 

If you’re having a section or simply going into hospital to give birth, take a look at what I’m packing in my hospital bag/suitcase (as it’s easier to carry/wheel with me before and after baby is born)...

For me:
- Slippers as I didn’t take any last time and I was wondering around bare footed! 
- Nighty x 2, easily accessible and loose fitting so they’ll be comfortable to sleep and move in.
- 5 x Black high waisted knickers so they don’t rub on my scar and will hold the giant pads in place.
- Loose dress to come home in so I’m comfortable. 
- Baggy t-shirt + leggings (as a spare outfit just incase)
- Flip flops (however, I’ll probably wear these to the hospital as my feet have swollen already.
- Nursing bra: I have a super comfy one from Bravissimo that un-hooks but has no wiring in so I can wear this for when I’m coming home. 
- Maternity pads x 15 and disposable pants for as soon as I come out of surgery. 
- Breast pads
- Nipple cream as I plan on breastfeeding for the first few weeks (if I can)

- Toiletries including:
Lip Balm
Shower gel
Toothbrush + paste
Feminine wipes
Face wipes 

- Other items including:
Phone charger
Can of Lucozade for after surgery 
Breakfast bars 
Chocolate bar 
Hospital notes
Purse with change in

For Baby: 
- 3 x Small baby sleep suits as we only took ‘Newborn’ for Millie and they were huge on her! These are up to 7.5lbs so hopefully should fit if he comes out the size we’re expecting.
- 3 x Small baby vests
- 3 x Newborn sleep suits incase he is a little bigger and we have another size option. 
- 3 x Small baby vests
- Hat 
- Mittens
- Warm cardigan to come home in
- Newborn nappies 
- Cotton balls 
- Water wipes 
- Bath towel
- Muslin cloth 
- Large muslin swaddle cloth 
- 8 x Aptamil bottles incase he doesn’t take to breastfeeding 
- Blanket  

It seems like quite an extensive list when I look at it like this but I know that I have everything we’ll need without worrying about forgetting anything. I’ve prepared for the poo explosions, blood stained clothes, comfortable fitting things and even both types of feeding options. Adam also has his own bag sorted with camera stuff in, some protein shakes and snacks for himself, a spare t-shirt incase he gets baby goo/poo on him and his iPad etc to watch whilst we’re waiting to go to theatre. 

I just can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and I am so ready to meet my little boy. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything out! 

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