Thursday 25 May 2017

A Parents Guide to being Summer Ready

I think it may be safe to say that summer has finally arrived! We’ve had some lovely weather this week and it’s set to see us through the bank holiday weekend too which is fabulous, however, I’m struggling to enjoy the sun as much as I’d like as of course, we now have Mylo to think about and we need to ensure that he’s protected and doesn’t get too hot. 

Millie loves being outside and doesn’t let any sort of weather bother her! She will play outside come rain or shine but it’s how we protect her when she is playing outside that matters most. We’ll ensure she has a water bottle full of cool water or juice, a sun hat on and sun tan lotion to prevent her getting burnt and to protect her skin. She has a Wendy house too which provides much needed shade when she needs it and also a little pop-up tent that she can chill in if the sun does get too much. With Mylo, we have kept him shaded in his pushchair with a mesh cover over him which protects from sun rays and also stops bugs getting to him. In the summer months, we’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the garden so we’ll make sure that he’s also covered in lotion and has hats on to protect his head from the heat if and when it’s needed. 

It’s hard to enjoy the sun sometimes when you have little people to worry about and if you end up spending most of your time shaded rather than topping up your tan, you may want to go ahead and look at getting yourself a tan elsewhere! There’s just nothing better than having a lovely tanned completion and I feel that a tan can sometimes replace makeup! I love having a tan and often get spray tans now I’m a Spray Tan technician and it just makes me feel so much better about myself - it also means that being a busy Mum, I don’t have to worry about spending time applying fake tan or going on sun beds etc. 

If you’re more about the gradual tan and want it to look natural (as if you have been out in the sun rather than getting a spray tan), Ellisons supply the professionals with St Tropez lotions and you can read their summer E-Book here which gives some great tips about getting summer ready whether you’re a Mum, Mum to Be or just a regular singleton enjoying the sunshine! Whoever you are, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the sunshine and get your skin set for summer #ReadySetGlow

What’s your favourite way to get yourself Summer ready?! 
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