Thursday 20 April 2017

Slimming World Eats: Overnight Breakfast Oats

Another great recipe idea to have tabbed, especially if you’re getting fed up with your usual meals. I love making these overnight oats and changing it up with a different flavour yoghurt or different combinations of fruit but take a look at the standard that I usually make... Perfect if you’re on Slimming World as you’re getting some speed fruits in there and also using one of your HEx B’s too! 

overnight oats

40g Oats
1 x Muller Light (or equivalent fat free yoghurt)

Fruit of your choice - I have used 

Add your oats and yoghurt into a portable pot/tub (any will do but these are perfect little jars from IKEA) and swirl it around so that the yoghurt coats most of the oats. Then simply add the fruit on top. You can leave like this or stir up before you refrigerate and eat in the morning. 

It’s a quick way to get your breakfast done and dusted and will also fill you up for a good few hours too! I often find that I can eat these at 7am and not have anything else until around 11:30/12pm! They’re super filling and really healthy too - try adding some different combinations of yoghurt and fruit for a change! 

overnight oats

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