Thursday 9 March 2017

31 Weeks Pregnant: Baby number 2

Oh, boy. 31 weeks pregnant (32 weeks tomorrow!) which means less than 8 weeks to go! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, even with the dodgy few weeks right at the start... it literally has flown by! Most of baby's things are sorted now, I sorted his room out last weekend, built the cot and stocked his wardrobe all I need to do now is sort out my hospital bag, which I keep putting off!

The last few weeks have been lovely too, I've been feeling really good and excited for his arrival, preparing myself and our home for his arrival and also had my baby shower on Saturday which my best friend organised and had such an amazing afternoon seeing some friends who I haven't seen for months! I'm just starting to lag a little in the afternoons now and by the time Friday comes, I'm definitely ready for a rest! Working a full time job during this pregnancy has taken it out of me a lot more than it did when I was pregnant with Millie as I wasn't working at all through the majority of the 2nd and 3rd Trimester!
So, as for all of the symptoms... He's been moving A LOT, like proper rolls and turns and he's started to stick his bum out now too! Adam and Millie can see my tummy moving most evenings and Adam feels him every day now which is cute (he still thinks its super weird!). I'm kind of trying to embrace it all now as I know this is definitely going to be our last baby and I won't be pregnant again so I'm taking time to feel every move, kick and roll even if it's uncomfortable as hell at times or when I'm juuuuust dropping off to sleep! Heartburn is back with a  vengeance. Nothing triggers it, it literally comes on sporadically and hurts like a mofo. Gaviscon is definitely my best friend.
Stretchmarks are getting a little more obvious now too even though I'm keeping up with my Secret Saviours Bump Band and lotions, I had some from Millie so I just think those ones are growing as my bump does! But the lotions are so nice as they aren't sticky and dry pretty much instantly unlike some of the other oils and lotions I've been using. I stick a load on in the morning and then again when I'm home and then before bed - even if they're not preventing them, it makes my belly feel so much better!
I'm slowly developing a waddle. My hips are starting to hurt towards the end of the day and my ankles are starting to swell if I've been on my feet a lot too! But, other than this, I really do feel great. I wore a lovely dress from Boohoo Maternity to my baby shower which I felt fab in and my hair and skin has never been better! I'm definitely embracing the pregnancy glow at the moment but I'm not too sure how long it's going to last...
4 weeks left at work and hopefully baby should be here within 7 weeks! The countdown is ON!

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