Sunday 12 February 2017

Getting your Garden Summer Ready

When we moved house back in October, the only downside to the whole thing was that the garden was a complete mess. I’m talking, completely overgrown, broken greenhouse, battered soil shed and a completely bodged fence. The deal was that we cleared the garden and the landlord sorted the house and thats how it went. Now we’ve been settled here for a few months, the garden is a blank slate and we’re waiting for the warmer weather to come so we can make a start on getting it to how we want it. 
We have such a big space to play with and we need to make it as child friendly as we can as Millie loves to be outside in the summer and of course, we’ll have another little one wondering around soon so everything needs to be evened out. We want half to be grass and half to be paved so we can get some furniture to sit on it. I love the look of the rattan garden sets, they’re so comfortable and perfect for entertaining too! We love having BBQ’s during the summer, Adam loves to get his grill on and Millie loves to play in her paddling pool too! I’d love a Hot Tub in the garden too but I just don’t think we’d use it as much as I’d like to once baby is here... Maybe that’s something for next year? 

Millie’s Wendy house needs to be put back up too when the weather improves, we dismantled it when we moved house and because of it being close to winter, thought we would leave it until the spring to set up again. I’d love to redecorate that for her and paint it inside to make it more homely but I’d like to get our space settled first. Fishpools have some lovely pieces of furniture and accessories for the garden so we may be buying a few bits to help us get started from their sale section as we need some storage for toys and bikes! Just look at the progress we’ve made from moving in back in October... The garden was honestly such a state that we wondered if we’d ever be able to sort it! 

Adam wants to get a little vegetable patch set up in the top corner of the garden too and I love the look of the raised beds - we’d need to get a cover because of the cats and birds we get in the garden but I think Millie would love to plant some vegetables and grow them. It’s so easy to do and we definitely have the space it’s just getting it done in time for summer! 

If money wasn’t an issue, I’d love to do so much to our garden, just look at pinterest and you can see how beautiful some people make their gardens and of course, I’d definitely have my hot tub and one of these gorgeous day beds too! Imagine lying in the summer, drink in hand and BBQ on in that! Absolute BLISS! 

Take a look at the work we’ve done so far and some of the ideas I’ve come across to get our garden looking exactly how I want it to and hopefully we can start looking at the garden furniture we really want... 
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