Thursday 2 February 2017

Getting Organised for Baby Number 2

I'm creeping up to the 30 week mark, over half way through and things are starting to get real! As for everything that comes with having a baby (the money saving/spending, buying of clothes, research of symptoms, more buying of clothes, desperation of wanting everything to be perfect etc. etc.) I like to think that I'm quite on top of things - we moved house back in October out of a tiny 2 bed into a massive 3 bed which means that Baby Boy will have his own room and it's given us space to stash everything we've bought up until now too! Whereas, with Millie, there were boxes everywhere! We only had room for a chest of drawers for her clothes and they were stashed in every nook and cranny we could find in the flat but... we made it work.

Although I'm super happy that he will have his own space and own room, I do wish that we had that extra bit of space for ourselves to either turn into an office space or even just as a place to organise our lives and jobs! Adam works as a Personal Trainer and I have my Earring making alongside my blog work - it'd be a great space to work and get a snazzy computer. There is some fabulous Office furniture from Furniture at Work that would work so well for us both in there as it's quite a small room, we'd need to be clever with the space and how we'd use it. But for now, until (if we ever) we move out into a bigger house that has an office space, it will be little mans' den and I'm looking forward to sprucing it up for him! We've gone for a Lime Green and Grey theme with lots of Clouds and Stars plastered over blankets, beddings and pictures!

An interesting infographic that states how, apparently, our Star signs have something to say about just how organised we can be... Like I said, I'd like to think that I'm pretty on top of things - we have his furniture bought and just need to make it, all of this clothes are bought (probably for the next 6 months!!) we have his Moses basket and bedding and even his bottles for if I decide to bottle feed, but lets have a look to see what it says...


I'm a Capricorn - so according to this then yes it's right and no it's not... I'm "Ahead of the game" but not because that's how I want to be, because someone else has done it! If only!
What did your star sign say about you?! You can view the complete infographic here!
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