Thursday 26 January 2017

Pregnancy Update: Week 25

I can’t believe I’m over half way through this pregnancy, there’s less time left than what I’ve already done and I can’t wait to meet my baby boy! I’ve started to prepare the little things and we need to go and get his wardrobe and some storage from IKEA next week to make a start on the nursery. It’s a massive mess of boxes and baby stuff at the moment but once the wardrobe is in, there’ll be a bit more order to everything (I hope). Have a read to see how I’ve been getting on this week...

Due date?
5th May 2017 (although he’s due to come a week early via elective section - you can read more about that here)
How far along? 
I’m now 25 Weeks and 2 days

It’s a Boy!! 

Maternity clothes?
Just tights at the moment as they have support for my bump. Everything else is just a size bigger than what I normally am and I’m simply living in leggings and baggy tops/jumpers! I may have to go and buy some maternity leggings soon though as these ones are starting to become a little uncomfortable. I have been using my Secret Saviours bump support and day/night gel this week as my bump has been really itchy and it’ll be featuring on my blog soon so stay tuned! 

Waking up at least once a night to go for a wee but still getting a pretty decent nights’ sleep. Apart from having a hacking cough this week, baby seems to wake up just as I get into bed and then first thing in the morning so we have similar sleeping patterns it seems...

Lots! He’s a very active baby and I’ve been feeling movements and kicks from around 17 weeks. They’re full on now though and you can see my tummy jolt for some of them! Adam has also felt quite a few now with the first ‘kick’ being on Christmas Eve! 

Not really had any cravings at all during this pregnancy, more so wanting things at random points in the day and not being able to forget about them. Currently on my second Mars Bar Ice cream of the night... 
Other than Heartburn and the obvious bump, not many symptoms. My hair seems to have grown a lot though and has stopped falling out - when I was pregnant with Millie, I lost lots of hair and I did with this pregnancy up until 12/13 weeks.
Best moment this week?
Not a fat lot, I’ve been quite poorly with a bad case of Conjunctivitis that Millie passed onto me and because I’m pregnant, I can’t take antibiotics or even eye-drops so I’ve had to battle that out along with Bronchitis coming back and being back on my inhaler! 

Miss anything?
Sleeping on my front. I try, I sleep with a long pillow at the side of me and cock my leg over it but it’s just not the same! 
 Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Nope, thank god. 

Labour signs?
No! Too early! 

Belly button in or out?
Half & Half. Kind of in, kind of out. It’s sort of flat now along my stomach rather than going in or popping out but I think it will pop. 
Wedding rings on or off?
I'm not married (yet) but my ring I normally wear is still on and still has lots of room behind it too!

Happy or moody most of the time?
Happy although work gets me down at times as its a pretty stressful job! 

Looking forward to?
36 week appointment to schedule in my C-section date! 

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