Monday 20 January 2014

Millie's Cot

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One of the essentials to buy when preparing for a baby, is a cot or moses basket. Some people choose to put the baby straight into their cot from birth, others use a moses basket for the first few weeks and then change to the cot. When we had Millie, she was in a moses basket until she was around 3 months old as she was quite small. We didn't buy her cot beforehand as we had no room to store it so we waited until she was ready to go in it. 
We went to good old IKEA to get her cot and bedding as i'd seen some I liked on the net but unfortunately, they weren't available for delivery. One thing I had forgot about IKEA furnitature though was flat pack. Ugh. And my lovely boyfriend didn't offer to help, so I struggled to put this up on my own. But I did it!
  Emma 1 - IKEA 0

At first, we put the moses basket into the cot so Millie could get used to being surrounded by the bars etc but it didn't really seem to bother her. The only problem we were having was swaddling her and keeping her arms tucked in. When she was first born, she loved to be swaddled but its hard to do in a cot as its a bigger area and the blankets don't reach the sides to tuck in so... We invested in a sleep suit. We got ours from Amazon but you can buy them pretty much anywhere that sells baby stuff now! It also stopped her from rolling over as she was doing this from 4 months old! It doesn't stop her now though - she ends up in all sorts of positions! 

Cot - IKEA £60.00
Bedding (tucked in at the back for now) - IKEA £12.00

Her teddies are something i'd like to keep forever. They all mean something! Minnie come from Brighton when we went on holiday earlier this year, Big Bunny is from my Aunty and she got it when she was born, Teddy is from my Sister and she also got that when she was born, Little Bunny is from my little brother as a late Easter present and the Monkey is one of my favourite teddies which i've now passed down to her. 

The sheep, is a teddy, but it's also a white noise device. If you don't know what I mean by white noise, it's sounds like the vacuum, or rain, or the TV when it has no signal. It's the sort of noise that babies hear when they're in the womb so when they're distressed, if you play this, it settles them! It's been a lifesaver from day 1 but we never knew about this until a month or so ago. Before, we were using an app on our phones which just wasn't convenient. You can buy Ewan the Dream Sheep here. 

What does your little one have in their cot!? I'd love to know! 

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