Tuesday 24 January 2017

Mens Fashion

I like to think that I know my stuff when it comes to Fashion, whether it’s women or children but when it comes to men, it’s a slight stumbling block and I don’t really tend to take charge. Adam has got a pretty good taste in Fashion too with numerous items in my wardrobe being gifts from Adam and he loves dressing Millie too! But when it does come down to Mens Fashion, do you know what you’re talking about? 

If I was a male, I think i’d end up living in joggers and trainers, I pretty much do that now anyway so it’s not much different, is it?! Well, lets take a look... I’ve delved into Adam’s wardrobe and let him take charge to put together 2 Smart-Casual outfits to help give us ladies a little more knowledge into the realm that is Mens Fashion. 

One of Adams’ favourite pieces in his wardrobe is this Vito Camo Blazer that he got from ASOS a few years ago. It is so easy to dress up or down and he often wears it with just a T-shirt underneath like this Dripping Lips Wasted Heroes T-Shirt or a simple White Shirt goes well too. It also has cute detailing all on the inside and on the cuffs, take a peek at the picture below...

 A styling tip to remember when it comes to Blazers is Get it fitted! A fitted jacket or blazer like this should fit perfectly, leaving you able to button it up if you need to without pulling across your stomach (too many beers?) or along your shoulders - make sure the sleeves are long enough too being around 1/2 an inch down from your wrists. This way, you won’t look like you’ve borrowed it from a friend or, like I said, have had one too many beers... 

Trousers are also another thing to ensure you have fitted properly. Whether it’s suit trousers, casual chinos or jeans, they need to be fitted and comfortable. Make sure that when getting measured for mens trousers, your inner and outer leg are both measured correctly and make sure that they’re sitting below your ankles and not above. Jeans are a little easier to suit as you can turn up jeans if they’re too long but still, make sure that they fit right around the waste, the whole ‘baggy trousers’ thing was so 1990. 

If you’re looking to dress a little more formal smart-casual then jeans can also pull a look together nicely and who doesn’t love a man who can pull off not only a good blazer but a bow-tie too!? Back at New Year, we had a house party with a few friends and set a ‘Black Tie’ theme which soon went out the window and got knocked down to Smart wear. All the blokes wore bow-ties and us girls got our sparkly dresses and heels out! Adam wore his tweed style Blazer from Burtons Menswear, A simple White shirt and his Bow-Tie (that he can’t actually tie himself, I had to do it!) with his Jeans and a pair of Brogues from Matalan. The whole look was perfect, it’s the right balance of Smart and Casual all in one and it can easily be dressed up; adding a pair of Mens trousers or dressed down; removing the bow-tie, unbuttoning the shirt and swapping the brogues for trainers. 

Again, the whole get it fitted motto comes into play here, more-so than before. Make sure your blazer is comfortable, not pulling or stretching and the detailing is in the bow-tie. There are 100’s of How-To videos on Youtube so don’t be put off. Make sure your jeans are ironed, ripped jeans are obviously a no-no and clean up your shoes. I guess a skinny tie could be worn too, whatever floats your boat I suppose... 

I do have to admit that he looks pretty good in either, a little more facial hair and he’d be 10/10 for me... until then, I’ll settle at a 9 and will take the bow-tie any day. Adam loves his smart-casual style as it’s different from what he wears in the day; as he’s a Personal Trainer, he basically lives in active wear - joggers, hoodies, trainers, you know the drill. When it’s chance to look half decent, he takes it! If you're looking to stand out a little more though, you may want to ditch the denim. Styled trousers are less common on younger men, so it will make an extra strong fashion statement. They're also an easy way of taking a look a step beyond 'casual'. If you're older, tailored trousers will no doubt be familiar territory, but make sure you're going for a more modern, slimmer fit to hit the right note.

What do you think of mens fashion in general? Do you think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to suit fittings or bow-ties?! I think I’m getting there and I guess when baby boy comes, I’ll have to get used to dressing another male! 
(*Collaborative post)


  1. great looks! I love when my fiance goes for a more casual look like the first one Adam created there!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. So, first time visiting your blog and the first post I see is about men's fashion! I love it!!! I cannot wait to see some more of your posts! I have also followed you on bloglovin to help me out with that task!

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