Sunday 29 January 2017

Clothing Wishlist

Whoever says that when you’re pregnant you have to buy Maternity clothes is a big fat liar. During both of my pregnancies (yes, I know I’m only half way through this one...), I only ever bought maternity leggings and tights for the simple reason that the waistband got ridiculously tight on my normal ones due to the bump growing and growing. When it came to everything else, I just upped a size and stuck to what I’d usually wear. Look at this blog post for example, this was the day before I went into labour!! No one ever knew the difference and it meant that I weren’t getting rid of maternity clothes a couple of weeks after baby was born! 

I’m on the hunt for some new bits for work at the moment as I’m getting bored of what I currently own and fit in! I live in leggings and loose fitted shirts anyway so wearing these whilst being pregnant just happens naturally and up until about 2 weeks ago, you couldn’t even tell I was pregnant! I’ve found these super cute bits over on Quiz, a few of which are in the sale too which is a bonus! All of which are perfect to dress up or down!

Along with clothes for now, I’m also trying to hunt down a perfect ‘post-baby wedding outfit’ as I have a wedding to go to just 4 weeks after I will have had our little boy. I’m thinking loose fitting (to show none of my lumps and bumps), cap sleeves (for ease if I choose to breastfeed) and definitely long (because no woman can last that long in heels after she’s had a baby!). I popped into Quiz just before Christmas to find a New Years Eve dress and it was one of just two places that I managed to find a beautiful occasion dress so I know that if I keep looking, something will pop up!

Flower design Blue Shirt - £26.99
Striped cold shoulder shirt - £9.99
Nude Long shift top - 14.99
Rose Embroidery Jumper - £14.99
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