Monday, 19 December 2016

All about Microblading

If you’re a beauty obsessive, a little like me, you will know all about the craze that’s starting to take over the Brow world which gives you perfectly formed, semi-permanent brows... Microblading. 

If you’re not familiar with it, Microblading is a tattoo-like technique that uses fine strokes to fill in your brows and make them completely ‘on-fleek’. But have no fear, there’s no piercing needle with a horrid vibrating noise - Microblading is a very careful and precise technique that is done by professionals using a handheld tools to draw hair stokes to mimic the brow hair and shape. 

Anyone can go for Microblading - and you don’t even need to have eyebrows! The good thing about it is that it looks so natural that if you have super fine or light hairs, or no hair at all, the brush strokes are formed to look as natural as possible and you wouldn’t know any different. 

The photo above is the work of The queen of brows and professional permanent makeup artist Karen Betts who has over 20 years experience of Microblading, even though it’s only really coming into fashion this year and with celebs like Michelle Keegan at the front of her queue, her team would definitely be the ones to go to if you wanted to get your brows looking perfect this party season. 

Just imagine how much time you’d save on your makeup routine every morning without having to perfect your brows!? I can never get mine right - even in this picture below you can see there still a little odd but nicely filled, might I add...

You can hunt a local Microblading technitian down on Facebook too as more and more people are taking on the technique and if you are a regular to a Beauty salon or spa, someone there is bound to know a professional that can offer Microblading as a service but make sure you do your research beforehand. Don’t go to the first person you’re recommended as it can leave you with some pretty nasty botched up brows and it’s not something that can be wiped away and started again! 

Where I live, I know that Gemma Massey from Gem's Beauty Bar in Tamworth, has an amazing clientele and has been Microblading for a while now so if I ever wanted to take the leap and join the Microblading club, I know where I’d go! 

If you want to know a bit more, take a look at this video featuring  Amy Child’s - one of Karen Betts’ clients having her eyebrows done!