Saturday 12 November 2016

Pregnancy: First Trimester

I feel a massive sigh of relief writing this post, for a number of reasons! These first 14/15 weeks have been super tough, mentally and physically and I am so pleased that we've reached the second trimester and are well on our way to the half way mark. Working 38 hours a week in a very demanding job, out of the house at 7:15am each morning and not getting back until 6pm at night would drain anyone, but try adding a 3 year old into the mix and on top of that 24/7 Nausea and pregnancy symptoms. Not. Nice.

When I was pregnant with Millie back in 2012, I was only working part time and had a lot of spare time to relax at home, do what I wanted, when I wanted and the whole first trimester passed a lot more smoothly than what it has this time round. The tiredness, the nausea, the stomach cramps have all been horrendous and up until this point, I have really hated being pregnant but I'm hoping that's going to change now I'm past the 12 week mark.

I am 16 weeks pregnant this weekend and am extremely happy to say that the nausea has gone (however certain smells and foods still make me want to vom!), I'm not going to bed at 8pm anymore (well, not all the time!) and I've finally got a bump! But we do have a lot coming up and a lot to think about still as we have a consultant appointment in a few weeks to chat about what birth option I'm going to go for as Millie's Birth was an Emergency C-Section and so VBAC is an option but so is an elected section. It's a tough call but I'm sure that meeting with the consultant will help me to make my mind up.

The nice thing about the whole pregnancy so far is that Millie is interested in everything. She likes to see how big my belly has got each day, she asks whether the baby is moving and whether she will be able to read books to baby when it's here and how long it's going to be too! It's sweet and the main reason we actually decided to have a second child, was more for her sake. We wanted her to have a friend for life, we wanted her to be supported for when we're not around anymore and most of all, we wanted the family unit that we both had when we grew up.

Just 24 more weeks and I guess we’ll be having just that...


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  2. During the first trimester of pregnancy, expectant mothers often experience a whirlwind of emotions and physical changes as their bodies adapt to the new life growing within them. This period, spanning from conception to week 12, marks the early stages of fetal development and is a critical time for both the baby and the mother. While some mothers may encounter morning sickness and fatigue, others might marvel at the first signs of their baby's presence, like the rapid fluttering of a tiny heartbeat during an ultrasound. Amidst these challenges and wonders, families often seek ways to bond and celebrate this new chapter together. In some communities, creative events like magic shows for kids are organized to bring joy and excitement to the entire family, creating lasting memories that highlight the anticipation and love surrounding the arrival of a new member.


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