Sunday 30 October 2016

Pregnancy Pamper Night

14 weeks in and boy, have I needed one of these pamper nights! As I announced in my last blog post, I’m pregnant with my second baby and I’m now 14 weeks gone... After one of the hardest weeks of pregnancy yet, every little thing that takes my mind off the constant nausea is a blessing and a lot of that has been relaxing nights (early nights!) and reading to take my mind off the sickness. The lovely lot over at Ocean Finance wanted to know what makes the perfect pamper evening for me and this just has to be it...

I don’t think a Pamper evening is classed as a pamper evening unless you have a bath or shower or at least submerge one part of your body in water for longer than 5 minutes... I love to stick a face mask on, get in a hot bubbly bath (however, these can no longer be steaming hot thanks to pregnancy) and relax for 20/30 minutes forgetting whatever it is that forced me into the tub in the first place! At the minute, I’m loving the Tony Moly Sheet Face Masks and I managed to find these in TK Maxx for just £1.99 (usually £6.00 each!!). I also got myself a couple of the new Halloween inspired Lush Bath bombs - perfect for this time of year and it also fills the bathroom with a gorgeous scent! Team up your bathroom with a sweet smelling candle, I got this amazing Apple Crumble one from Boots from their Christmas range, and you’re all set! 

Switching it up from a non-pregnancy pamper to a pregnancy pamper, when I get out of the bath or shower now, I douse myself in Stretch mark oil over my stomach and hips just to help to prepare my skin for the inevitable. I then rub a tiny spot of Lavender oil over my wrists which helps me to relax even more once I’m in bed. Weleda do some lovely pregnancy bits so I’m definitely going to hunt out more that I can use during pregnancy. 

I finish all this off with half hour or so of reading and at the moment, I’m engrossed with Miss Perigrenes Home for Peculiar Children as i’ve not seen the film. It’s a good read, a little strange and different but its an easy enough read that I don’t struggle to understand what’s going on and it’s light on the mind so I’m not left wondering what’s happened when I close it. 

If I could do this every night of the week, I’d have a lot less to moan about but working full time, having a toddler and everything else that comes along with daily life, proves a little more difficult so these sort of nights are a rare occasion at the moment but it’s definitely a weekly occurrence. 

How do you spend your Pamper Evenings? 


  1. Such a great routine! Also try to have a me time. And by the way also ordered the book series)))

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