Friday 5 August 2016

Purrfect Gift Box and Subscription

By now, you should have all realised that I bloody love our cats. I was always a Dog person, having grown up with dogs since I was born but when we moved into the new house, we wanted to get a pet for Millie and as we work full-time, a dog seemed like a selfish option. So, we went to look at a cat and ended up with these pair. You can read a little more about where and why we got them here. 

Now, we all love a subscription box right? Well, so do our kitties! There are so many varieties of subscription boxes for pets but this Purrfect gift box has a mixture of treats for your kitties and you! You can choose one of 4 subscription options:
(Lite) £15.95 per month gets you 2-3 gifts per month
(Standard) £20.95 gets you 3-5 gifts per month
£22.95 gets you 2-3 gifts per month PLUS gifts for Kitty
£27.95 gets you 3-5 gifts per month PLUS gifts for Kitty! 

You can use code NYA20 for 20% off your first subscription! 

Back in May, I got this amazing gift box full of treats for both me and the cats - they are all full sized items too which is great! There is such a variety of items too, not just a couple of the same bits and pieces. This box was full of treats including:
Handmade Cat necklace
Handmade Cat inspired Buttons
A cat print Scarf
A fleece blanket for the cats
A new collar
Treats for the Cats

The handmade element of the jewellery is beautiful. I probably wouldn’t wear it myself but Millie has been loving it and has been wearing it with her dressing up bits. I think she’s going to be a cat lady when she grows up! And the collar is so cool - the colours go together perfectly and there’s also a tiny little cat charm on there too! We definitely need to get another for Henry so they can match! 

If you love the element of surprise that you get from subscription boxes and if you love your cats just as much as I do, this is the perfect little treat for both you and your fur balls! 

Head over to My Purrfect Giftbox to check out the subscription options and you can also buy the items in this box over on their shop too! 

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