Wednesday 31 August 2016

A few tips for Interior DIY

As you've probably noticed, we've discussed some living room design ideas before and if you didn't already know, we're also moving house again. But since we've come out of the flat, we've always wanted to do a bit of decorating to make our house feel like a home, specifically with regard to injecting personal taste into a newly rented house. It's been great fun to set about making a home our own, and there's certainly more opportunity for design than in the ground floor flat! But it's also become clear that there are inevitably some hiccups that come with personal home design.... Or at least, there can be a learning curve sometimes! In our case, we've managed to get a lot done. That being said, there's always more to do, and it can be tough to tell when you're done. But along the way we've realised some fundamental truths of home DIY and decorating. And while not all of them apply directly to us, I can point to a few different pieces of advice I wish someone had shared with me!

First of all, I had no idea how inspiring the internet could be when it comes to design! Of course it's common knowledge that there are endless design blogs and visual examples online. However, the variety in styles and the exceptional details you can pick up are something you might not notice until you get into it personally. Plenty of platforms are useful - Pinterest, Houzz, House Beautiful, etc. but the different ideas for each type of room at House & Garden are particularly helpful. We wanted to focus a great deal on our own style, but rest assured finding inspiration online does not sacrifice your personal taste! You certainly don't need to choose any specific layout, furniture, etc. you see online, but it gets the wheels turning.

Another general tip is that home design can require a little bit of DIY savvy. We haven't undertaken any major remodelling or construction projects as it's a rental, the only thing we've done is assembled a few palettes into garden furniture. But even when the idea of building a coffee table or designing new shelves or something of the like comes up, I've wondered about what would be required. Given that my own DIY expertise extends about as far as knowing how to hammer a nail, I looked into some more advanced tools and techniques for when such a job comes up. Looking through quality tools with the latest technology, both in Screwfix's assortment of power drills and other tools and other DIY advice articles, it became clear that these jobs can be made easy. With a few items in place: DeWalt drill, some sanding tools, and all the little screws and bolts and the like you can do a little bit of DIY carpentry to further your personal influence on the home environment.
We've also realised the value of colour, even if that may sound silly. The right combination of wallpaper, furnishings, and decorations, from a colour standpoint, can really give a room its personality. And while wallpaper is perhaps the easier solution, the option to paint a room is also one that appeals to a lot of people. The trouble is, many (specifically me!) would be nervous to undergo this sort of job independently. But interior house painting tips are not hard to find, and I'm told it's relatively simple once you get the hang of it. I've wondered about practicing in a smaller space (shed maybe?) and from there gaining the confidence to paint a room at some point and have the most control possible over colour combinations.
These are just a few of the things we've learned or thought of during the process of home design. The fun thing is that it's really a never-ending process, and a new DIY effort, we're quickly finding, can always have a nice effect.

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