Monday 11 July 2016

Living Room Design ideas

Some of you may know that we moved house back in October - we were in a ground floor flat before, somewhere that we couldn’t really put our own stamp on and it was getting a little too cramped for us all. Our friends were moving out of their house literally round the corner and offered it us to rent - we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have more room, actual stairs to climb up and of course, a garden! But more so, it was a chance for us to actually be able to decorate and get rid of that damn magnolia! 

We’re slowly, but surely, looking to decorate the house - we’ve done a few odd bits here and there but we know that we want to do it all before the end of the year. We’ve got a few colour schemes in mind but for the living room, we’re concentrating on Yellow and Grey. I love the contrast and the brightness that the Yellow brings but the Grey takes it back down so it’s not too in your face. We’ve already got new wallpaper in the living room and so the next step is the furnishings. 

We have 2 small sofas at the moment but I’d absolutely love a Fabric Corner Sofa to snuggle on - wrap up in a blanket come winter and settle down in front of the fire. This Grey Felix Small Chaise is from Fishpools and comes in a gorgeous, slate Grey colour. You can find all the accessories to go with it too and Fishpools even have a ‘Design it’ service to make sure you definitely get the furniture you have in mind! When you’re choosing a new Sofa, I really think it’s the statement of the room so it has to be the right one for both you and your house. 

  These gorgeous cushions from Habitat would help bring the Yellow out too rather than having it scattered around. The Mirror is from IKEA but it’s such a simple way to make quite a dull, small room seem bigger and brighter! The other little bits help make a house a home, I think. If we were to have a corner sofa, I’d love a little armchair in the window, with a good throw and a chunky cushion on - perfect for reading or internet surfing! 

Do you have any re-decorating plans? Or do you just love looking at interior designs and making plans in your head for what could possibly happen in future? 


  1. Ah this is basically my living room colour scheme!! Love it. Have an ace holiday too lady

  2. im moving soon so im excited to decorate my house as I wish :) loving the shades you picked!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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