Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Coolsculpting Fat Reduction

Are you looking to lose some inches ready for your big day? Or do you have a gorgeous new swimsuit that you want to look your best in when you next go on holiday? Or are you like me and have super stubborn areas of fat on your body that you simply can’t shift!? Well, why don’t you freeze away that stubborn fat without the use of scary surgery and go with the known and loved procedure of CoolSculpting®. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat freezing reduction treatment that uses a controlled cooling apparatus, a little like a laser gun, to tackle the fat stores that are simply too stubborn to shift through exercising or dieting! The results of the fat freezing procedure are proven, measurable and noticeable within 60 days of treatment, with results working still for a further 6 months*.
How does it work?
Many of us have fat stores that seem impossible to get rid of regardless of all the diets and exercise in the world; the CoolSculpting® technology uses a controlled cooling method to target and kill these stubborn, hard to reach fat cells. Once the procedure is complete, the body naturally gets rid of fat cells leaving you with long-term results (as long as you stick to a balanced diet and exercise regularly afterwards) as the treated area of fat cells are gone for good. The procedure is super-fast, taking approximately 45minutes – an hour depending on the target area and is pain free! You could simply have it done during your lunch break and go back to work! There’s no need to worry about after-treatments either as there is no anesthetic used and so no recovery time is needed!

The science of Fat Reduction:
The layer of fat that has been targeted will be reduced which in time, will end in quite a noticeable reduction of the layer of fat, whether the area is; the ‘love handles’, ‘muffin top’ or that ‘Mum Tum’ everyone, including me, seems to hate. CoolSculpting® targets and cools the fat cells to a low, low, low temperature that triggers their natural demise. Because fat cells crystallize and disperse faster than all of the normal cells in the body, there isn’t any damage done to other nerves or tissue.
The CoolSculpting® body fat freezing procedure is an FDA-cleared clinical treatment which can help to reduce and in some cases, eliminate fat which is stored in the body, effectively freezing away the unwanted fat cells for good without using surgery. When you visit your clinic, they will help you to create an individualized body sculpting treatment plan tailored just for you and the area you are targeting. As the Coolsculpting begins, you will feel cold pressure, a little like pressing a bag of ice on your skin but this soon stops. There is no pain so you can read a book, catch up on Youtube videos or even take a nap during the treatment (I know which one I’d go for…)!
It’s not weight loss!
When you think about weight loss, what do you think of? Stepping on the scales and seeing smaller numbers? What do you think about when you think of Fat Reduction? Less cellulite? Slimmer fitting clothes? When you think of the two this way, it’s clear to understand that Weight loss and Fat reduction is not the same thing, as thought by many people.
When taking part in any weight loss diet, you don’t ‘loose’ the fat cells at all, they simply get smaller. So when you gain that weight again, those fat cells become bigger and appear just as they did pre-weight loss. The CoolSculpting® procedure truly eliminates the fat cells in the chosen areas and obviously, with that being done, the fat cells that are no longer there so they can't get bigger. Whether or not the scales say different than before, you'll definitely look slimmer and your clothes will fit better and you will hopefully* look better too!
45% of women are prepared to do something beyond dieting and exercise to improve their bodies whether it’s to improve the look of their stomach area to be ‘bikini ready’ (74% of women agree with this) or to target the thigh area for slimmer looking legs (54% of women agree with this). (taken from Wakefield Research Infographic)
How much does it cost?
CoolSculpting® costs depend on the size of the areas chosen, the number of sessions that might be needed, and your ultimate goals. You can create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your body, you overall goals and look and even your price range! Simply search for your nearest clinic to have your consultation. Prices can start from £800 per area and my nearest clinic is Birmingham Aesthetic Rooms in Sutton Coldfield.
*Results may vary.

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