Saturday 14 May 2016

Wendy House

Dare I say it? Is the Summer here now?! I hope so!! We finally have a garden we can enjoy the sunshine in and Millie also has somewhere safe she can play outside too! She got a few garden toys such as a slide, trampoline and balls etc for her birthday and loves playing out on them and now, she also has a beautiful Wendy house to play in too! 

The aim was to get her a playhouse for her birthday back in April but because the weather has been so bad, we’ve not been able to put it up for weeks - last weekend graced us with glorious sunshine and now, its up!! We got the ‘BillyOh Mad Dash 300 Bunny Playhouse’ from Garden Buildings Direct which was around £194.99* and it comes with a super cute picket fence! You can also customise it to a colour of your choosing and I believe choose alternative flooring - all super easy to change on the checkout screen! Delivery was also really quick, within days it was hand delivered and the driver unloaded the van himself and took photos to prove that he had delivered to the right address. He called about an hour before he arrived just to check we were in too - how convenient!?

So it arrived in quite a few bits, it looked a little daunting thinking ‘oh my, I can’t assemble that!!’ but, Adam was the one to build it and he did it all on his own within about 4 hours! He said the instructions were really easy to follow (he’s rubbish at reading instructions!) and the swearing was minimal... It now sits perfectly at the bottom of the garden and Millie loves it! 

We got all of the little cutie accessories from B&M just to make it a little more homely and special for Millie. The lights are solar too so you haven’t got to worry about leads and wires everywhere! She has a cute little rug inside too but it was hard to show you so when we’ve popped some pictures up and got her a table, I’ll show you the inside! Not sure how many of you noticed Millie's balance bike but they are awesome tools for outdoor fun and developing motor skills. If your kids are into things with wheels Fuzion scooter has amazing pro scooters

It’s definitely a favourite and she’s loved playing with it - I definitely think that if you’ve got a child (boy or girl) who loves to play outside, it’s a huge investment and you won’t regret it! It's been a great addition to our garden which we've loved decorating since we moved in, I think the only thing now that would make it perfect is a little fairy garden at the end with a water fountain with some solar lights around it.
Take a look at what other playhouses Garden Buildings Direct have too as they have some AMAZING multi-storey playhouses with slides and all sorts of attachments!! 

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  1. Oh wow! What a lovely addition to your garden. The house looks so cute. I can imagine your girl having a lot of fun over the summer in that x


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