Sunday 22 May 2016

Toddler Fashion: Summer Dresses

Summer is (hopefully) on its way and so we’ve started to get some holiday clothes sorted and Millie is loving wearing Dresses at the moment! Everywhere we go, she wants a new dress and it’s fair to say she’s very specific and knows exactly what she wants. Gone are the days that Mummy or Daddy chooses what she wears - she picked pretty much every single one of her dresses and I thought I’d show a few of them off as they’re such brilliant value for money! 

Pineapple Hat - TU at Sainsburys £5.00
Pink striped Dress - Next £6.00 or 2 for £10.00
Trainers - New Balance

Blue striped Dress - H&M £2.99 

Cat print Dress - Primark £3.00 
Gold Hi-Top trainers - H&M £5.99

Butterfly Dress - H&M £3.99

We’re massive lovers of H&M clothes, especially for Millie as they’re such good quality, clean well and don’t shrink and they seem to last ages as the sizes come up a little bigger than other shops. We’ve got another bag full of dresses but these were Millie’s favourite picks so we may be having another fashion show soon to show off the other dresses we got! 

Where do you shop for your little one’s clothes? Do you have a favourite store?

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