Saturday 2 April 2016

Splurge Cream Eyeshadows

Hear me out... I ran a few polls over on Twitter around the whole ‘Younique’ craze and I wasn’t shocked by the results... Most of you choose not to buy Younique products as they are thrown in your face by what seems like every girl on Twitter and Facebook! I can agree, it does seem like that but have you ever tried to get people to recognise anything? Your blog, for that matter?! Did you want EVERYONE to know about it because you were so proud and wanted everyone else to see your little masterpiece? That’s how Younique is for 100’s of girls out there trying to make a go of their business! 

I’ve decided that I’m going to do in-depth and honest reviews of some of the more popular products, the products that I feel other beauty bloggers will take genuine interest in and actually want to see more of. And of course, products that I simply can’t get enough of myself! There will also be the odd review of things that perhaps I don’t like so much or that are slightly disappointing but it goes to show that not every brand can make a range that gives 100% on every single item. 

So, rant over, starting off my list of reviews are the Splurge Cream Shadows and Cream Eyeshadow Brush...

The Splurge Cream Shadows are available in 12 colours ranging from golds to greens, all have a metallic/shimmer effect which varies depending on what shadow you go for. I have 4 in my collection so far and hope to build up to have most of the golds and dark colours which tend to be shades I wear on a regular basis. Each shadow comes in a stained glass pot with a screw lid enclosed in a dainty cardboard box which adds to the high quality feel of the product. I’m a sucker for keeping products in boxes so I love this element (sad, I know!). 

The shadow itself is a smooth, almost mousse-like texture, not how you would imagine a ‘cream’ shadow to be. The pigmentation is incredible in every single shade and you really do only need the tiniest amount to cover your lid. Because of the texture, it requires very little blending but also gives you the option to build the shadow up by packing on more colour. As I said before, each shadow has a slight shimmer, some more than others but please note that it is a shimmer and not a glitter! It gives the shadows a multi-tonal dimension that you don’t usually get from your standard cream shadows! 

Dainty splurge shadow

Defiant splurge shadow

Majestic splurge shadow

Tenacious splurge shadow

You can see that some of my shades are loved more than others - but you really do only need a smidge of each shadow to cover your lid and no other shadows are needed to blend it out due to the complexity of the shimmers and tones within the shades. 

As for wearability - I usually cringe when someone says ‘cream eyeshadow’ as my eyelids are super oily and shadows tend to slide or smudge really easy but with that said, these shadows do not crease! They don’t part in that little lid bit of your eye and you’re not left with eyeshadow on your brow bone! (unless you put it there, obviously!) I’ve only used a few cream shadows before and never really had much luck so you may gasp at the price tag (£21) but I can assure you that these will last longer than any £5 pot you get from the high street and also give a much better coverage than they do too! I’ve worn ‘Dainty’ nearly everyday for a month now and you can see that there is still tonnes of shadow left in the pot! 

The shadows are brilliant for both under eye and eye lid as the velvety texture turns almost powder like - you can see from the photos below the different ways you can wear the shadows and the colour pay-off from just a tiny amount on the cream eyeshadow brush too! 
Splurge cream shadows
splurge cream shadows swatches
 I hope that I’ve shed some light in a different way on to one of, what I think is, Youniques best products! I do agree that simply sharing brand photos doesn’t show the product off in a way that we all want to see it - we want to see what it looks like on, we want to see the true colour when it hits the skin and we also want to know if it really is that good... 

You can buy the Splurge Cream Shadows for £21 or 3 for £54 over on my online shop or you can contact me direct as I place bulk orders twice a week which will save you £6.95 in postage! If you head over to my Facebook page too - you’ll see that I’m giving other bloggers a discount of 5% so make sure you let me know that you’re ordering if you want to take advantage of that special offer! 

The Cream Eyeshadow brush is available too for £12 or part of the Eye Brush set for £53 where you get 5 brushes (2 double ended) in a gorgeous embossed black case. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, whether you’ve tried any of the products before or whether you would like to know more about any of the products! What would you like to see next? 


  1. It's a shame that some brands like this get such a bad reputation as the products look lovely :)

    Claire | xx

    1. Yes it is! I believe that these products are equally as good as other designer brands and higher priced items yet people just don’t want to try them!


  2. I didn't realise these were Younique.. They look lovely! :) I've never tried cream eyeshadows before but they look really nice on you, and so pigmented too. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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