Saturday 19 March 2016

Mothers Day Gifts

Two years ago was my very first Mothers Day! This year, I celebrated my 3rd official Mothers Day - I got a lie in and a cup of tea which suits me and made my day. But along with flowers and cards, I also got sent some lovely gifts from Joshua James Jewellery. 

Perfect gifts for Mothers day, Birthdays or even a little treat for yourself - JJJ have got rings, bracelets, watches - THE LOT! You’ll get lost in the website looking at all the beautiful pieces and you won’t be able to help yourself when it comes to treating yourself (or someone else) to a little something sparkly.

Mothers Day 2016

I have already got an Olivia Burton watch which is a black strap with Rose Gold detailing so adding this beautiful, dainty grey addition was a lovely gift. The detailing on the watch is Cherry Blossoms and roses and it goes perfectly with day or evening outfits. It’s one of the smaller watches in the OB line but never the less, still beautiful. 

The Chrysalis bracelet is actually my favourite of the two - the beautiful rose gold bangle has 2 charms on - one saying Mum and the other being a Rose. You can get so many different styles of these bracelets with 100’s of various charms including friends, family, hope, love, star signs... The list goes on! I’ve been pairing this with my other OB watch and they go hand in hand.  

Olivia Burton Watch

Joshua James Jewellery

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