Tuesday 29 March 2016

Approved Food Review

How much do you spend on an average month when it comes to the food shop? £100+ £200+... Well, what if I could save you around HALF of what you’re spending?! Approved Food is the way you can save that money - they are an online retailer that stock and sell products close or past their sell by date NOTE: SELL BY, NOT USE BY! 

Starting off as market traders in Hull and Doncaster, Dan Cluderay and his wife progressed into food wholesale, supplying other market traders. From wholesale they moved into a number of retail outlets that supplied both the public and wholesale trade and finally Approved Food was born in 2009.

When you first enter the site, it’s a little overwhelming as there is SO much to choose from but grab a cuppa and just filter through all of the amazing offers! I do this once a month and simply stock up on packet meals and tinned food with the occasional treat and £1 box too! (£1 Boxes are boxes full of stock - you don’t know what you’re going to get but it’s full to the brim for just £1!) 

At the moment, there’s a few Mother and Baby related items available including WATER WIPES for just 99p and packs of Pull ups from £1.79! It’s worth having a look and stocking up on items if you’re expecting or know someone who is!

Our last order was around £32 and we got ALL of this!! It means that for the remainder of the month, all we need to buy is fruit, veg and meat...

You can see that a lot of the food is branded, lots of items are bulk bought too so you can buy 4 for 99p etc rather than the odd one or two. Along with packeted goods, every so often there will be various fruit or veg too - you can see we got 3 HUGE jacket potatoes for 59p! It’s such a great way to fill up your cupboards and also, bulk buy the bits that I personally think cost the most in the supermarkets! 

Head on over to Approved Food and make sure you REGISTER BEFORE you place an order or else you will loose whatever is in your basket when you go to check out! 

Happy Shopping!! 


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