Thursday 18 February 2016

Pet Subscription box: Cat Hampurr Review

Since getting the kittens, I have been on the hunt for Pet Subscription boxes. There are plenty for Pups but not a lot for Kittys and so I searched and searched and came across 3 great brands that do exactly what I was looking for... A monthly treat for the boys which will stop me from buying any treat or toy I see in a shop! 

The first of these brands I am trying is Cat Hampurr (see what they did there?). The box come in the standard packaging with the logo on the side and when I opened it up, everything was ready and waiting to be discovered. A cute little card from the company too made it all the more special and of course, the boys couldn’t wait to tuck into it! 

The first thing that they pulled out was a Toy Wand which had a little dangly mouse with bells on. Jaffa absolutely loves anything that is on a wand, he goes crazy for it! Henry tends to sit and watch his brother go mental... But when they come across the bag of treats, they were both loving what was in the box! 

There were also 3 small tins of Thrive Complete Cat Food, 2 Bags of Vets Kitchen Cat treats, a Bag of Pet Munchies Treats and a KraftyKats Catnip Mouse, that Henry actually enjoys playing with! A brilliant combination of treats for only £8.00 every other month! You definitely get your moneys worth with the cat treats making up over half of the price of the box itself! You can also subscribe to monthly boxes which are £15.90 each

(*Product sent for Review Purposes)


  1. i want! my kitty would sooo love that!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. KittyKit will be bring out its own Cat Hampers soon!

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