Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Cosmetic Surgery with Jag Chana

There are 1000’s of ways to change or improve your looks, hair and body with surgical and non-surgical procedures. Many of these are highlighted in the press and are talked about quite frequently in the media but some forms of surgery to improve, correct or enhance any part of the human anatomy can be frowned upon and in fact, can be quite dangerous if not performed properly. ‘Tummy tucks’ and liposuctions are a thing that probably nearly every woman thinks about, but it isn’t much of an open discussion topic - the elephant is in the room and no one is talking about it. It feels like it’s the cheat’s option for getting the body you want, when actually it provides women with the exact thing they are looking to achieve!
 Dr. Jag Chana (BSc, MBBS, MD, FRCS) is one of the UK’s number one surgeons for body transformation surgery, winning many awards and being recognised in the medical profession. His work includes a variety of procedures such as face lifts, facial lipo-sculpture, breast enlargement, fillers, laser treatments and many more!
If you have a couple of flaws that you are dying to fix or desires to get that slender figure and the smaller waist that the diets don’t seem to give you, there are two approaches that you can use to speed up the body transformation process. The first is you can sculpt your body by exercising and conditioning the body to transform itself based on your diet and muscular development. The second is to use cosmetic surgery to enhance your look and achieve similar results to that of exercising almost immediately. Of course, it comes at a price and the recovery period can vary from weeks to months but for someone who has thought long and hard, it is by far the most effective option.
JagChana runs his very own clinic based in Hertfordshire with other clinics available in and around London, you can contact your nearest JagChana clinic to book a consultation or ask questions related to the treatment you are looking for. With both surgical and non-surgical options available, there is bound to be something that stands out for you. Whether it’s a little lip-plump or a chemical peel to make you look a couple of years younger or if you’ve been debating tucking that Mum-Tum and want to take the leap, get in touch and make those first steps to getting the thing that you really want!
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