Sunday 14 February 2016

Beauty and Hair Hacks

We’re all a little lazy when it comes to Beauty. Come on, admit it! Anything we can do to save time or even energy, we’ll do! I’ve scraped together the top tips or ‘Hacks’ to make your life easier when it comes to all things beauty! You may already know some, you may have your own - either way, I hope you take something away and learn something new! We could all do with a useful #BeautyHack every now and then so take a look if you could put these Hacks to use. 

Here’s a combination of Beauty and Hair hacks for you to sink your teeth into...

1) Heat eyelash curlers with your hairdryer to ensure your lashes stay curled for longer! 

2) Use vaseline under perfume spots to make it last longer! 

3) Add a moisturiser to foundations that is too dark, it will tone it down and help match perfectly!

4) Save old mascara wands to apply brow products! 

5) Apply eyelash glue with the end of a hair grip to help seal the ends once on your lashes! 

6) Apply a layer of vaseline over your teeth to prevent lipstick stains (or try the nifty finger trick!)

7) Rub cuticle oil around nails before applying varnish so any mistakes will not dry on your skin!

8) Fill a bowl with hot water and cover your head with a towel whilst hovering - the steam will 
loosen eyelash glue so it comes off easily!

9) Apply shaving foam to any makeup stains on clothes/fabrics before washing and it will help remove the makeup!

10) Dust an eyeshadow that’s the same colour as your hair to your roots to make your hair look fuller!

11) Spray hair grips with hair spray before using to give more grip!

12) Apply vaseline around your hairline when dying your hair to prevent any dying-disasters. Failing that, use nail varnish remover to remove any dye from ears, head or neck!

13) Use your straighteners to flatten shirt collars without having to get the iron out!

14) Use a toothbrush to tame frizzy hairs and create a slick look. 

15) Blonde? Use lemon juice to help naturally lift brassiness!

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