Sunday 31 January 2016

Our New Additions

If you follow me on any form of Social Media site I apologise for the following post as you’re fully aware of the announcement I’m about to make...

We have 2 new additions to the Bailey household; Meet Jaffa and Henry... Our KITTENS! 

We’ve been contemplating some sort of Pet for a while now and initially it was going to be a fish! That changed when we saw how much the Neighbourhood Cats loved Millie! She was like the Cat whisperer! They loved her and she loved them so we looked into getting a little Kitty of our own. A colleague recommended a lady who lived local and took in strays, abandoned cats and other animals and said she may have some kittens coming up soon! A phone call and a visit later we were proud owners of these two beauties! 

They are both males, around 13 weeks old and are the cutest things EVER! They are a little shy around Millie still but Jaffa is warming to her more each day! We only got them yesterday so they have plenty of time to get used to her but they seem to have settled in so well and we’re so happy! I never saw myself as a Cat lady but these two guys have changed that! 

The place we got them from re-homes 100’s of Cats each year, these babies along with their 5 brothers and sisters, were dumped on her doorstep a few days before Christmas! Unfortunately, they do all have Caliche Virus too, which is basically Cat Flu that can effect their respiratory system causing snotty noses and runny eyes but dealing with a poopy toddler that constantly has a snotty nose, it’s nothing new to us - it made me want them even more! So with careful thought, we went for it and can now call these cuties ours! 

If you’re looking at re-homing a Cat, Kitten or other small furries, please do take a look at Lost Paws Small Furries Rescue page on Facebook or Cats in Need if you’re local to Burton on Trent. 

I’m sure these fella’s will be making many of an appearance on here so stay tuned...


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