Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lifestyle Gadget Hacks

Everyone wants their home to be a relaxing personal space, where they can forget the cares of the day and enjoy some tranquillity. We surround ourselves with beautiful things, whether it's furniture, make-up, pictures, an amazing TV or a pinterest-worthy kitchen. But now it's the 21st century and we can fill our home with a lot of devices that are not only easy on the eye, but also functional, making a genuine difference to our quality of life.
 Unfortunately, many of us suffer from allergies, my Mum being one of them! Whether they're caused by dust mites, mildew or mould, they're certainly a pain, resulting in runny eyes, sneezing, skin rashes and in the worst cases, asthma. Some areas of your home, such as the bathroom or kitchen, with limited ventilation, can suffer from a build-up of moisture, leading to mould and mildew. One gadget which can solve this is a dehumidifier, which reduces humidity levels and makes your home less susceptible to allergens. They run quietly and are not disruptive to your life in any way. Dehumidifiers will also get rid of the musty smell of mildew and will also mean your clothes, soft furnishing and other items will not develop mould. In turn, this will improve the climate for your respiratory system and skin, so you will feel more comfortable in your home.  Also, you'll find your washing will dry quicker, your cereal and bread won't go stale as fast and you're less likely to find rust on any metal equipment.

Another new gadget you might consider is a wireless key finder, if you're forever losing your car keys! Adam is TERRIBLE for putting his keys down in the most random of places. So this nifty little thing, helps find lost keys at the push of a button. The lost key finder comes in two parts, comprising a receiver to attach to your keys and a transmitter. When you lose your keys, press the buttons on your transmitter - which you should keep somewhere safe, of course - and the receiver on your keys will beep and flash to locate your keys.
If you have children (or perhaps young pets!), get peace of mind by investing in a baby camera monitor. This compact, portable monitor, which can be carried anywhere in the house, comprises a digital, wireless communication link to produce a 2.4-inch video of your baby's room, so you know what they're doing at all times.
 Improve your lifestyle with some hi-tech gadgets and you will reap the rewards right away!
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