Monday 7 September 2015

KH Hair Salons - Review

If you’re a regular reader over here at Not Your Average, you will know how much I like to change my hair and vary style, colour and even length. I was kindly invited to visit a local salon, KH Hair Ashby de la Zouch, for a spruce up and treatment of my hair a few weeks back and I thought I’d let you all know how it went...

KH Hair is an East Midlands based chain with a total number of 22 premier Hair Salons that all have award winning stylists and a whole range of treatments available. My local salon is literally 10 minutes drive from my house so if you’re based in or around the East Midlands, you can find your nearest salon here or take a look around the Ashby de la Zouch salon here. Each salon uses Wella products with various other brands available to use and will identify what treatment will suit you on a consultation if required, so even if it’s a top-up colour, a quick trim or a deep conditioning, they will tell you what’s best for your hair. 

On my consultation, Emma (the senior stylist) decided that my hair would benefit from a tidy up trim, a strengthening treatment and also a toner to help bring the blonde out in my hair and hide the brassiness. I completely agreed, had a patch test and then booked myself an appointment - that day, I arrived and was swiftly greeted by a receptionist and Emma came over to take me over to my seat. We quickly discussed what was happening to make sure I was still happy with it and headed over to the sinks. The salon isn’t too big so you don’t feel cramped or crowded with 10 other hairdryers going or people talking constantly. First, was my toner - it was a Wella product that was gently applied to my whole head, focusing on the ends which is where the orangey tones were, it was left to set for about 15 minutes whilst Emma continued to chat to me. When that was rinsed and shampooed, a strengthening treatment from Sebastian was used to help repair my ends as they had been dyed and dyed, over and over. Once this was done it was back over to the chair for my cut! 

I always find getting my hair washed and cut so relaxing, I love it when people do my hair! Back at the chair, Emma combed my hair out and trimmed the ends as agreed, she also made my fringe a little fuller so it swept across more of my face rather than feathered round it on one side. A blow-dry and some straightening later and it was done! The blow-dry was quick and simple, no fancy curls - just how I like it but I was asked how I liked it dried... Emma also straightened it for me and curled the ends slightly to give it a little movement as we were going out for lunch that afternoon. The toner had completely lifted the blonde and it was a lovely ashy colour compared to the orange-blonde that it was before and the cut was neat and tidy!

I’m pretty happy with my usual hairdresser but I would definitely book to come back to KH Hair again so I think in future, if my usual is fully booked, I’ll be calling here for an appointment! I was so pleased with the results and now, even after 2 weeks worth of washing my hair, the colour is still the lighter, ashy blonde that it was when I left!

The salon also offers a bridal service, hair extensions and lots more treatments so if you’re not in need of a cut or just want a pamper, then check out their price card to see what’s on offer! 

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