Thursday, 20 August 2015

Store Loyalty Cards Worth Having

What girl doesn’t have a Boots card? There are so many store loyalty cards going these days that it’s hard to know which ones are really worth having. If you pop into a shop on a one off and they offer you their loyalty card, don’t just take it for the sake of adding it to your stash, take it because you’re actually going to benefit from having it! I’m going to try and recommend the store reward/loyalty cards I think are worth while so that next time you’re out, you can grab one yourself...

Number 1, the good old Boots card. For every £1.00 you spend, you get 4 points - it doesn’t seem like a lot but if you’re a keen beauty shopper then those points will soon add up. Boots are really good with their offers too; double points, triple points, extra points when you spend a certain amount etc, etc, but you do have to have a valid Boots card to take advantage of a lot of their in-store offers. Each point is worth 1p to spend so you’d need 250 points to get something that was £2.50 or under.
P.S. Ones for the Mums out there, join Boots Baby Club and you get 10 points per £1.00 spent!! 
*also available as an app.

Next up, I’d recommend a Nectar card. We don’t shop at Sainsburys for our main shop, more for bits and bobs but we use our Nectar card every time we go in and get points on our cards. You do only get 1 point per £1.00 spent but you also get vouchers, discounts and money off items when you spend over £10.00 in store so one shop may save you money on your next one! Tesco Clubcard is very similar but we don’t actually have a Tesco near us that we use regularly enough so our Clubcard isn’t as useful as our Nectar! 

Back to Beauty and it’s the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card - you get 3 points per £1.00 spent on Beauty, Fragrance or Electrical Beauty and once you reach 500 points, you get a £5.00 voucher! You do have to spend the voucher within 6 months of claiming though so make sure you do! There are loads of other perks too including Free Delivery online, Free samples, Free Make-overs in store and a Free Benefit Brow Wax on your Birthday! 
*also available as an app.

The Body Shop ‘Love your Body’ card is another good one if you’re a keen Body Shop user. You do have to pay to become a member but once you do this, you can then claim 10% off all purchases made in future. It’s £5.00 to join and then on your Birthday month each year, you get to pick a product worth up to £5.00 so you actually get what you paid for to start with back! Again, like the Debenhams card, once you have 500 points, you receive a £5.00 voucher to spend within 3 months of claiming! 

Onto foodie cards, Nandos Chilli Wheel is obviously the first that springs to mind - you get 1 Chilli per transaction of £7.00 or above, once you get 3 Chillis, you can claim a free 1/4 Chicken or Appetiser, 6 Chilli’s is a free 1/2 Chicken, Wrap, Burger or Pitta and 10 Chilli’s is a free whole Chicken or Single Combo meal. But everyone knows that, right? 
*also available as an app.

KFC is my next most used card, although it’s actually an app. The Colonels Club app gives you stamps every time you spend £3.00 or you get 2 stamps when you spend £15.00+. Collect 3 stamps and get a free side, 7 stamps and it’s a free snack, 11 stamps = £5.00 off! There are also offers loaded onto the app too so make sure you check it out before you order your meal! The good thing about the KFC app is that unlike Nandos, once you claim your chilli’s you have to build them back up again, at KFC you don’t! 

Costa Coffee, ah, if you love your Coffee, it’s definitely worth picking a Costa Card up. You get 5 points for every £1.00 spent and then once you have enough points, you can claim it on anything in store. Using your points is the same as Boots, so 1 point = £1.00, you’d need 250 points to buy something that was £2.50. 
*also available as an app. 

Last but definitely not least is the good old Ikea Family Card. Some items have a store price and a family price so you could be saving £100’s if you’re planning on redecorating. You also get free hot drinks in their restaurant Monday - Friday 9-5pm along with discounts on various meals. It’s more of a Loyalty card than a rewards card but never-the-less, it’s always worth having! 
*also available as an app. 

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