Tuesday, 4 August 2015

KIKO Cosmetics Haul

KIKO Milano Cosmetics are a pretty new brand on the scene with an amazing variation of products to choose from which include skincare and accessories too! I placed an order a few weeks back when they were running one of their ‘free delivery’ offers and when I tried the products I instantly loved them and needed more, so, when I attended Becka’s meet-up in Nottingham, I didn’t miss the chance to visit the KIKO store in the Victoria Centre. 

My first order was small as I just wanted to dabble in the brand and see what their products were like, I got a Smart Eye and Lip pencil, the eyeshadow quad with 3 inserts and a single infinity eyeshadow, a Smart lipstick, Dark Circle concealer and a Long Lasting Eyeshadow stick. I also got one of their make-up sponges, similar to the Beauty Blender but it’s far too dirty to photograph... 

The packaging is simple but chic and does the job perfectly. I love the simple black and white colours and everything is labelled with their colour codes, however, I would prefer names rather than just numbers as it can get a bit confusing! First up though, the eyeshadows come in such a fantastic range of colours and I wanted to create a reddy, orangey palette because these colours are so hard to find as singular shadows from other brands and that’s just what I did. The ‘Eye clics’ palette was in the sale when I bought it (currently sold out unfortunately) and I knew I wanted to fill it instantly - the Single Infinity shadows to fill the palette are only £2.80 at the moment (RRP £5.90) but make sure you get the reposition-able ones as the other Eyeshadows (currently 80p!) can’t be used in the clic system. The pigmentation isn’t the greatest I’ve used but can be built up easily and I find using a dense brush rather than a blending brush works best. 

The second (sort of disappointing) product is the Dark Circle Concealer (£8.90) - as it’s named to target those pesky dark circles, I was really hoping for something good but unfortunately, it’s just another average concealer, yet to beat my beloved Maybelline Eye Eraser. The lipstick (£3.90) is fabulous for the price, the colour lasts around 4 hours and I find that I have to reapply if I’ve eaten anything. But the Smart lip pencils are brilliant (currently £1.20)
*DUPE ALERT* I’ve been loving 711 and 712 at the moment as they're a perfect dupe for the much loved MAC nude liners that are floating around lately. 715 is also a brilliant match for the Limecrime ‘Airborne Unicorn’ lipstick. Moving onto the Smart Eye pencil (£1.20) and Glamourous Eye pencils (£2.10), the colour range is again, fantastic! There are so many to choose from but I wanted to try a blue liner first so I went for a bold, metallic and then a similar colour to one of the Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks... 

As for those amazing Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks, they are utterly incredible. I’ve not seen pigmentation like it and their staying power is ridiculous. I can wear just these blended out a little and they will stick all day - no creasing and no smudging - just pure colour payoff and for a crazy price of just £3.40 (RRP £6.90). I’m not going to go into too much detail as I plan on doing a whole review post on these including photos of them on my eyes but look below for swatches of all the products including these eyeshadows...

Infinity Eyeshadows:
Single shadows (L)122 (R)126 
Quad (Top L-R) 209 207
(Bottom L-R) 230 208

Have you tried KIKO Cosmetics yet? 

Head over to their website to get 10% off your first order when you sign up to KIKO Rewards and also to take full advantage of their sale (I doubt it’s going to last much longer as it’s been on a few weeks now!). What products do you recommend I try next? I’m thinking maybe some more of their Make-up tools as my sponge has been used every day since I got it!