Saturday, 11 April 2015

Slimming World Eats: Pitta Pizzas (child friendly)

Millie loves her food as much as I do and when craving the good stuff, I do try and find healthier alternatives and this week, it was Pizza. Of course, Pizza is full of alllllll the syns but, making your own and varying the base can make them syn-free and actually packed with your speed foods to boost your weight loss!

I used Pitta bread for the base of Adams and Millie’s pizzas and then I used the Warburton Thins, as my healthy extra B choice, for my base, I used the cheese as my healthy extra A too - making it completely free and super yummy! They’re so easy to make and you can differ the ingredients to your liking but for ours we used: 
Tomato (Pasta) sauce (which is simply pasta, chopped tomatoes and garlic)
Add salad or slimming world chips and you have the perfect fake-away! 
Pitta Pizza Making
Cooking with a Toddler
Slimming world friendly Pizza
Slimming world pizza

You can see that Millie loved making these, she was eating the ingredients before putting them on the pizza and it’s a great way to get them to eat their vegetables! She absolutely loves mushrooms and peppers now too! Let me know if you try these out and send me your pics on twitter too!