Monday 6 April 2015

Paris Beauty Haul

You may remember seeing a post of my Paris photo diary last week and a little promise of sharing with you what I bought whilst I was out there. Well, here it is. It’s nothing huge or fancy, I didn’t spend 100’s of euros on makeup I don’t actually need, I bought things that I knew I’d use, knew I wanted before I headed out there and actually looked like it would be worth the pennies. 

I visited the Sephora store which was on Champs-Élysées, just up the street from H&M and MAC, and when I walked in, I was in shock! There was SO much choice, it was completely overwhelming! I didn’t know where to start, I found myself wandering back and forth past the same stands but not actually looking at anything. There were mini counters for Benefit, Makeup Forever, Dior, MAC and so much more. I feel like I didn’t actually spend enough time in there to find some of the hidden gems but it was ridiculously busy and Adam was waiting patiently for me outside so I just looked at the stands of the brands of the products we can’t get in England. The same went for the Pharmacies we went into, I just looked for the things that I knew I wanted to try rather than looking at everything and being overwhelmed. 

Sephora Paris

Who can resist buying a few bits in Duty free, hey? Not me! I grabbed 2 lipsticks and a gorgeous eyeshadow from Birmingham Airport Departures - MAC Toledo Victoriana Lipstick and SIN were the shades of the lipsticks, one a bright orangey Red and the other, a deep berry Purple brown. 

From Sephora, I picked up:
Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water
Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk
Sephora Express Eye Makeup Remover wipes
Sephora Matte Liquid Lipstick 
Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara
Im pretty sure the bill was less than €40 which is pretty good and I also got given a sample size of Marc Jacobs Eyeliner and also a Lancome Moisturiser sample! 

From the Pharmacy I got:
Bioderma (for Oily skin)
Caudalie Beauty Elixr 
(not in photos) and some Nuxe lip balms 

There are a few things that I regret not getting, more from Makeup Forever including their HD Foundation and concealer, I also wanted to try and get my hands on more of the Lipsticks but because I didn’t have much times, I picked the one out that I saw first! So, if you think that there’s something I should have got whilst I was out there, let me know and I am compiling a list of bits to order from Sephora online later in the year! 


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  2. what a nice purchase! so lucky you could do it in Paris!


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