Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pokerstars Pop-Up Restaurant

Back in January, PokerStars and Jones & Sons teamed up to celebrate the new season of the UK and Ireland Poker Tour. Uniting poker with gourmet food, the "All-In Kitchen" was created, the world's first pay-by-poker restaurant. A little creative and very much determined on luck, you place bets to see what you would pay for your meal - how ridiculously clever is that!? So, to break it down... First you play three hands of poker starting with 10,000 chips (£10.00). Then, what you pay is based on how many chips you have at the end of those three hands so either £10.00, £5.00 or nothing at all. If you end up with over 10,000 chips dinner will be free, 5-10,000 chips and it will cost £5. If your hand is terrible, you can't keep a poker face to save yourself and end up with 5000 and below, dinner will then only cost £10.00 for a three course meal and drink which is normally priced at around £50.00 per person! Bargain! 

The meal itself is even Poker related with the delicious dishes including 'Royal Flush of King Crab Thermidor', 'Queen Scallops accompanied by Salt Baked Swede and Bacon Marmalade, '4 Of A Kind of Lamb Chops, Rump, Kidney and Shoulder With A Rosemary Jus' and even a '2 Pair of Pear Tarte Tatin, Pear Caramel and Ice Cream’ - see what they did there?! 

You donactually have to play poker though if you dont want to - you can head into the restaurant and pay full price for your meal, which is obviously what you’d do in normal places or just try your luck and you could end up walking out having paid half the price! It was a huge hit when it launched in London and there is hopes that its coming to more cities around the UK soon so keep an eye out for the PokerStars Kitchen somewhere near you! 

Still don’t get it? Watch this Youtube video which explains it all...
*Collaborative post