Monday, 2 February 2015

A New Job?

A very short and sweet post today and a little bit of news too. Today, I started a new job. A job that I’ve been wanting to get for 2 years now since leaving university. A job that I hope will point me in the right direction and help me achieve the teaching career that I’m after. Today I became a Learning Support Assistant in a local College and Business centre! 

I’m so happy that I have been given this opportunity to really show how good I am with young people and children and to help them with their studies - it means that it’s finally a foot in the door for me and I’m hoping that in future, it’ll make job hunting within the education sector a whole lot easier! I’ll be leaving Costa Coffee, where I’ve worked for nearly a year, next Monday and starting part time at the college and I’m so excited! 
Blogging has again, taken a little bit of a backseat whilst this change is happening but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how things go. And it means that I get my weekends back, my evenings back, and I finally get structure to my weeks. Not to mention the time I’ll get with Millie during holidays too! Yay!! 

Head over to my Twitter and Instagram for daily uploads though - I’m still here! 
Source: John Lewis

Are you an LSA? I’d love to know if you are! 


  1. congratulations! i hope it all goes well for you! x

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