Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What I got for Christmas 2014 & My Birthday

I can never hold out doing these posts and it means that a lot of the time, things have already been used/eaten and is out of packaging. I tried my very best this year to keep everything until I did this post (I was going to do a video but haven’t got the time) and have managed to do quite well. It’s a doubled up post too as my Birthday is only 4 days after Christmas and just makes sense to bang it all together, right? 

Going through the photos in order, I got this amazing Kebab making set off my Auntie and her Partner, something that both Me and Adam can use and I can’t wait to get some homemade Kebabs done on these! My Mum and Dad got me quite a few bits so I won’t label everything but they got me the 'E' Mug, an amazing No7 Eyeshadow Palette, a selection of Yankee Candles and holders and mini’s, I also got 2 Lush bath boxes too and my sister & brother got me a No7 Brush set & Lipgloss set for my birthday! I got lots of the Japenesque Face Masks, probably enough to keep me going for the rest of the year and Adam did really well getting me the Naked palette for my birthday and ‘Airborne unicorn’ Limecrime lipstick for Christmas...

Makeup at Christmas

No7 Makeup

My main present from Adam this year was a new pair of trainers and this year, they’re the Air Max Thea - a gorgeous cream Air Max with a sort of safari print on them. They’re so much lighter than original air max and I love them! He also got me some new pjs (I had to swap them though as they were too warm!) and an ace Wasted Heroes jumper. In my Christmas Eve box, I also had a few little Yankee Candle wax melts and a set of House of Holland Christmas nails! 

Air Max Thea

Wasted Heros

Yankee Candles

My uncle got me the new Lee Evans DVD, which I had completely forgotten I’d asked for and I got money off my Grandparents which will be going towards a deposit for a house when we find one! I got this lovely little camera case off Adam too as I need one thats small enough just to protect my camera rather than a massive bag to carry it round in. My Mum and Dad came out top trumps too and managed to bag me one of the Soap and Glory boxes, I didn’t think they’d get one in time to be honest but I’m so glad I’m stocked up again! 

Soap and Glory


The last few gifts are things that I’d never think to buy myself but I absolutely love them: Adam got me a Macaroon making kit, a mini light box studio and a new Pandora charm (kinda off Millie) and they’re probably my favourite gifts - amongst the Naked palette and my Trainers ;) I already tried to make the Macaroons but failed miserably so i’ll be trying again soon. The light box is a really nice little touch for me to start taking photos in, it means they will all look the same and I can develop my own little photography habits too! 

Macaroon Making Kit

Elephant Pandora Charm

And of course, who doesn’t have chocolate at Christmas?! This is all that’s left of mine - I had a fair bit of it too including 2 chocolate oranges, a galaxy selection box and lots of chocolate coins! A few things that aren’t shown are the No7 Skincare Selection, a Beautiology range with hot chocolate flavoured shower gel and a mug, a Bayliss and Harding set off Adam’s parents and George Ezra DVD - they’ve either been used (the No7 mini’s are in my skincare bag and the Bayliss and Harding stuff is scattered around the house out of packaging) and the Beautiology bits are half empty. 

I can honestly say that I love all of my gifts, i’ve been super spoilt and am so lucky to have such a lovely family who know what I like and love. I have treated myself to a few bits over the last week too using Christmas money and vouchers and I’ll be doing a post soon at what i’ve picked up. Let me know what you got for Christmas or leave a link to your posts/videos - I love watching them!