Friday 16 January 2015

No7 Brush Collection

One of my favourite Christmas presents this year has to be this gorgeous No7 Gold Make-up brush set. Containing 5 eye and face brushes alongside a gorgeous mini travel bag, it’s perfect to go alongside my ever growing collection of No7 products! 

The brushes are all gold coloured, a little rose gold maybe, and beautifully set in a metallic handle. They’re light and not too heavy so when using them, they sit perfectly in your hand. The bristles are super, super soft and they’re just the right size too! I hate make-up brushes that are too clumpy, I find the Real Techniques Face brush to be a little too big but these are absolutely perfect. With a Powder brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, blending brush and foundation brush, there’s one for every need when it comes to applying make-up and yet still so much flexibility in them just like any other tool. 

No7 Brush Collection

No7 Brush Set

No7 brush set

Unfortunately, I don’t think this set is available in Boots anymore as it was Limited Edition over the Christmas period but you can get hold of one on Amazon (be quick though, there were only a few left!) for £24.99 which is a steal for 5 brushes and a purse/make-up bag. I’m absolutely loving these brushes so I think they’ll be worth adding to your stash.

What was one of your favourite Christmas presents? 


  1. I have never tried any No7 brushes, I'm a huge fan of their skincare and cosmetics, the gold is so pretty!

  2. These No7 brushes sound lovely and they look the right size as well! I also love the fact that they come in a matching makeup bag. :)

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

  3. Ahh I'm gutted I missed these!


  4. I got a No7 blush brush with a set this Christmas and love how soft it is! The gold handle looks super expensive and posh too! Wish I'd got the brush set now :)

  5. I got this brush set, and they are lovely quality, really feel like high end brushes, and they work really well at applying all the different products.


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