Monday 5 January 2015


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year and celebrated it doing whatever makes you happy. Ours was spent on the sofa with a cup of tea (I’m being serious!), however, the new year is here which means people are making all sorts of resolutions and so I’ve compiled a little list of my own. It’s really tough to make resolutions and actually stick to them but I find that if you can set yourself small targets throughout the year then it makes it easier to accomplish. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to ‘get fit’ and then come November, you realise you’ve only actually been to the gym 3 times, don’t tell yourself you’re going to change and then do nothing about it, do something you genuinely know you can achieve and that way, at the end of the year you’ll be happier for it. 

First thing on my list is to save more money! We went on a few holidays and mini breaks last year which meant I didn’t actually save much money as it all went towards holidays and so this year, being so I won the trip to Paris, we’re planning on saving as much as we can! No more spontaneous splurging and buying things I don’t actually need - it’s time to save and fill that piggy bank up! 

Move into a house. Now, this is a little un-realistic but we do only plan on renting as the space we have now just isn’t big enough. We really need to get into a house before summer as Millie needs more space to play and a garden to be in and we’re just sick of having to limit what things we can have where in the flat! 

Delve deeper into blogging! I want to carry on blogging more often, sticking to schedules and making sure I cover a variety of topics including parenting and fashion. I also want to try and start uploading 2 video’s a month to Youtube (this is something I feel I could manage and if I can do more, I will) because I really enjoy the whole process of filming and want to explore more ways to film and edit videos. 

Get a voluntary placement in a Primary School (September-July 2016). This is a personal goal that I need to achieve in time for my last module to start in October so that I can obtain my Childhood degree. It’s not essential but helps if you have experience of working with/alongside children. Ideally, I want to become a Primary teacher although I need to finish my BA degree first and then do a PGCE, all with a child. 

And last of all, make more time for my friends. I miss my friends so much and one of my best friends is actually going travelling in February so I really need to see her as much as I can from now until then. 3 more of my friends have just got engaged too so wedding planning is a go-go and I can’t wait to be at their weddings in the upcoming years! 

Have you set yourself any resolutions? I think it’s nice to have goals for the year and have something to work towards and keep you on track. I know it tends to be forgotten about come July as all we care about it BBQ’s and Beer and going on Holiday and buying the new makeup collections that have come out, but it can be done if you believe it can. Let me know what you’ll be doing in 2015! 

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  1. Making more time for friends and getting more into blogging are on my list too. I just need to try and plan my time better!

    Happy New Year!



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