Monday 12 January 2015

2015 Update

Today, I guessed that rather than doing a beauty or fashion post, I’d combine a mixture of life updates all in one post. 2014 was a very busy year and so much happened and so this year, planning has commenced on what we want to do and it looks like it may be a bit more relaxed compared to the last. One thing I learnt from last year is not to take too much on, at one point in 2014 I just felt like giving up on everything and I don’t want to get to that point this year, I want to enjoy everything I do! 

Life update

To start off with, towards the end of last year, 3 of my closest friends all got engaged! Such amazing news and I can’t wait to hear all the details and help plan (if I’m needed of course!) - I’m guessing the weddings won’t be until next year though?! We have a few weddings to attend this year too, some evening functions and some full days which I’m super excited for! And who knows, it may be my year this year...

We won’t be going on holiday this year (I highly doubt so anyway) because we want to move into a house and so we need to try and save as much as we can to get that sorted then once we’re in, there’ll be furniture and appliances we need to buy so no more buying things we don’t need and wasting money! Being in a 2 bed flat is definitely starting to take its toll on us all as we’re so limited to space, you can bet that in any gap or cupboard, things are shoved in just to make room somewhere else! 

My braces will hopefully be coming off this year too! They went on back in October 2013 and they’re meant to be on for 2 years, depending how much they have moved etc. If you’d like an updated Brace post then do let me know, I think I’m due to do another one anyway soon... I can’t believe it’s been over a year since having them on but I still dread having them tightened every 2 months! 

Millie will be 2 in April, 2 years old! Can you believe it!? It only seems like yesterday that she was celebrating her 1st Birthday - completely crazy! I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for it this year but I hope that if we’re in a house we can have a little party for her. Fingers crossed! 

I will also be starting my last uni module in October too which means that come May next year, I hopefully will have a Degree in Childhood and Youth studies. Although I don’t exactly know what I want to do yet, it’s better to have something to fall back on that ponder through life going from job to job, right?! I’d love to get more involved in my blog but I just don’t feel like I have the time to do so alongside uni work, maybe through the summer when I have a break I can go more in depth with it and take on more opportunities but until then, I’ll be focusing on work and university. 

That’s pretty much everything to sum up what’s going to be happening in 2015, Me and Adam will also have been together 4 years this year which is completely insane but I couldn’t imagine being without him (sop alert!) and Millie. I hope we can do more together this year, go on more days out, trips to the country and seaside and create more memories together as a family! 

Have you got any plans for 2015? I’d love to hear them!


  1. Some of my close friends also got engaged last year, as well as having babies. I never thought it would effect me, but subconsciously these events did. Not that I want to get married or have a baby anytime soon, but they made me question my own life and where I am going with it. It felt like I haven't achieved anything. Society is the one that seems to set life goals for you and because I wasn't married, had a child or a really successful career, I felt so inadequate. Anyway, this year I decided to focus solely on myself and what I want from life, and try to achieve that. It will take a while because I don't feel confident at all, but sure I will get there. Sorry for the long rant! Great post x

  2. Good luck on everything in 2015 Emma, I really do hope you get your house. Getting a house and filling it with my stuff was definitely one of the better moments of 2013 so I can tell you hand on heart it's as good as a holiday. You do have your trip to Paris though!

    Can't believe Millie is going to be two, I remember when you were still pregnant! Time goes so fast once you have kids, LM is going to be three in 2 weeks, I can't believe I'm a mother to a three year old! Enjoy every moment xxx

  3. Wow, I can't believe Millie is nearly two! It sounds as if you have lots of exciting plans ahead :) x


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