Tuesday 16 December 2014

Lady Luck

A bit of an off topic post, in other words - non beauty related; one all about Luck. Are you Lucky? Do you enter 1 or 2 competitions, expect nothing from them and then find out you’ve won the ultimate trip... Well, that’s me. I tend to enter small competitions via Facebook and Twitter, not everyday but quite often, and I’ve been ever so lucky and won quite a few things from them!

I do like to consider myself a lucky person, whether it be winning £5.00 on a scratch card, a goodie bag full of beauty goodies (I actually won one of these today!) or an amazing 3 night stay to Paris - yes, I won that too and we go in March! But one thing I’ve never tried my luck at is Bingo! I see so many people going to Bingo, having a glass of wine or two and just generally a little night out and winning £40/£50! When you hear the word BINGO though, what do you think of? Old women. Yes. But, 20.5% of Bingo players in the UK are actually aged 18-25 so take back that snotty comment and get your Bingo stamps out! 

Take a look at the infographic below that tells you all kinds of facts about Bingo and if you’d like to try out your luck at Bingo or various other ways to get your mitts on some ace prizes and money then click here. 

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