Thursday 18 December 2014

DIY Christmas Decorations

I’m one of those big kids that if you sit me at a table with Arts and Crafts, you’ll find it hard to take me away. Glitter, paint, glue, cutting, sticking... You name it - I’ll do it! I love my creative side and I really hope that Millie develops one too and so this year we have been making a lot of our own Christmas Decorations to hang on this lovely white branched tree that stands in the kitchen. Most of the decorations are from Hobbycraft but I picked up a few cheaper things too from Home Bargains. 

The tree itself is a lovely modern addition to any Christmas decor within the house and because we have an open plan living room/kitchen, it’s a nice piece that separates the 2 rooms and helps the kitchen look a little more festive! I do want to get some tiny lights to go on next year though as we’ve not had chance to get any this year and it’s crammed with our DIY decs. Take a look at what we’ve been making...

We got the wooden gingerbread man, reindeer, star and candy cane from Hobbycraft* along with the craft glue, glitter, white paint and green paint and then the rest are from Hobbycraft. Simple glueing and painting are so easy and fun to do with your little ones, just be prepared to be covered in glitter for the next 2 weeks! 


  1. DIY Christmas decorations bring an extra touch of warmth and personal charm to the holiday season. Crafting them allows us to infuse our homes with creativity, love, and unique flair, making each ornament or centerpiece a special reflection of our individuality. There's something truly magical about gathering with loved ones to create these decorations, whether it's repurposing materials or unleashing our imaginations with glitter and paint. Not only do DIY decorations add a personal touch to our homes, but they also foster a sense of togetherness and shared joy during the festive season. From handmade ornaments adorning the tree to intricately crafted wreaths adorning our doors, these DIY creations become cherished symbols of the holidays, reminding us of the joy of giving and the beauty of homemade treasures.

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