Wednesday 19 November 2014

PeriodBox Monthly Subscription Review

Mother Nature is such a bitch. Sorry for the abrupt intro but it’s true. Who enjoys emotional breakdowns over chocolate (or lack of) every time you’re due on? Who enjoys the sheer panic when you have nothing in when that day appears? “I love being on my period”... Said no-one, ever. Periods are the one thing that I think every woman would change if given the chance and if you’re unfortunate like me, you wish for those few days to be over before they’ve even began. But what if you could make that week more enjoyable? Have something to make you look forward to it more than detest it? Well now you can...

PeriodBox* is a monthly subscription box full of all things girly that you need at that time of month. Armed with your choice of absorption, whether it be tampons, pads or liners, you get to choose your box and match it exactly to your needs. First of all, create your PeriodBox profile and tell them a little bit about your cycle so that your PeriodBox can be sent out in time for the day that your period starts - you can choose your length of flow too be it 2-3 days or 6-7 days. Your box will then be sent out each month containing:
Your choice of panty product (I can’t find anymore words for tampons or pads!)
 A yummy slab of artisan chocolate
A luxorious beauty product
Tasty tea’s and a creative piece of Art or Jewellery - everything that you need to get you through the vile time of month. 

In this months box, the very first PeriodBox I received a mixture of pads, tampons and liners, Caramel and Sea Salt Organic Chocolate (which is flippin' amazing!), 4 Green Tea and Cherry flavoured Teas, a condom (because it’s better to be safe than sorry...), A unique piece of art that I actually LOVE being so I’m off to Paris in March and 2 Au Lait Body Milks. I’m absolutely thrilled with the box and couldn’t have asked for a better selection of things to cheer me up! Starting prices for boxes are £14.00 +£2.95 P&P or you can opt for a 3 month subscription and save £3.00! 

PeriodBox are an amazing gift or even a treat for someone that struggles at that time of month and better yet, they have a Period Starter Kit too that you can get if you’re just starting your first periods, or know someone who is and want to make them feel special and for just £29.95 (free delivery!) 

I really wish someone had come up with this idea a lot sooner and made every month a lot more exciting rather than daunting. I’d much rather wake up to a PeriodBox than stomach cramps, wouldn’t you? Follow PeriodBox on Twitter or Like their Facebook page for more info.


  1. I'm not really sure how I feel about this one to be honest. Half of me thinks it's fun and the other half think it's taking the subscription box idea a tad too far!x

  2. Yeah I agree with Ellie, this freaks me out a little bit - It's much easier to just nip to the shop and buy my own supply and some chocolate for under a fiver! x


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