Friday 7 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Newest Additions

Todays post is a long one so make sure you’ve got your cuppa in hand and open it up full screen... 

Makeup Revolution has taken the beauty world by storm releasing new products what seems like every, single week! With products starting from just £1 and amazing dupes for brands such as NARS and Urban Decay (you all know what things I’m talking about...), it’s one of my favourite brands this year and I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the newest additions to the Makeup Revolution family over the last few months. Covering lips, eyes, cheeks and brows, I’ve compiled a little first impressions review for you to all sneak a peek at and if you haven’t got your hands on any of these products yet, you’ll soon see what you’re missing out on! 

First up is one of their many eyeshadow palettes ‘Give them Nightmares’ which is a gorgeous palette full of purples, greens and blues, all deep, dark colours that were perfect for Halloween but will see you through the rest of winter. Super pigmented and work amazingly with the Aqua Seal Primer to give more of a shimmer effect, there isn’t much fall out on these eyeshadows and they will last all day too! Another eye product that works amazingly with the Aqua Seal Primer are the Pure Pigments - I’m a huge fan of pigments and have MAC and Barry M glitter pots but it’s the fall out that I don’t get on with... Use the Aqua Seal primer and it ensures the pigment sticks and doesn’t end up down your face! 

If you’re a lover of lipsticks then the Atomic lipsticks are ones to add to your collection. So conditioning, so pigmented and the green?! It actually looks good when you put it on! These babies are £1.00 each and definitely worth those 100 little pennies too! The Red ‘Atomic Ruby’ is absolutely beautiful, one of the brightest reds I own and is a similar colour to MAC’s Russian Red but for a tiny fraction of the price! The purple is loved a lot, I just find that it doesn’t last well if you eat with it on.

Moving back to eyes and brows, these new pencils and liners are incredible. When I got them, I couldn’t help myself and had a play with each of them straight away. The nibs of the Double Flick liner are amazing - they point perfectly to give you the flick first time round and one is longer than the other which is best used for that flick. The Kohl liner doesn’t tug on your waterline but gives off enough colour and the same with the Inner eye Brightener; it’s a nude liner to be exact and can be used heavily on your inner corners rather than highlighter or shadow or just lightly on your waterline to open up your eyes. The Ultra Brow Arch and Shape could have done with a brush on one end or on the lid but the tint and pencil are brilliant and help shape your brows. 

The One Blush Sticks are up last, but definitely not least. Very much a dupe for the NARS multiples, these highly pigmented, multi use products are one to add to your collection. Tonnes of product is squished into a twist up stick that you can apply with your finger, a brush or straight onto your face but beware - the colour payoff is intense and you really don’t need a lot unless you want to blend blend blend... Perfect for blush, contour or even a pop of colour on your lips. Mix and Match to get new shades or use 1 for everything - eyes, lips and cheek! £5.00 each, these beauties will get you by, whatever mood you’re in. 

What do you think of these newest additions to the Makeup Revolution family? Have you tried any of them or have you got your eye on any from my pictures above?! Head over to their website and make sure you check out the rest of their products or simply pop them on your christmas list and make sure you’re naughty not nice in time for Santa to drop them into your stocking! 
*Products kindly gifted to me from Makeup Revolution 

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